Friday, August 7, 2009

A Major Award! A Major Award! I Won! I Won! I Won!

What a great way to end the week! Allison nominated me for a favorite blog award! I actually feel pretty honored considering all the blogs she has linked on her page. It always makes me happy to know that there's a couple people out there that actually read my stuff.

I've known Allison for a long time. She lived just outside the cul de sac of the house where I grew up. She's good friends with my sister, Corinne and I'm sure she had to deal with my little sister pestering more than once. What can I say? I always thought my sister and her friends were cool.

Now apparently there's rules to this nomination thing, but I'm going to break them a little. Hope that doesn't disqualify me. :D

So here are the rules:
1. Put the award on your blog.

2. Include a link to the person who gave you the award.

3. Nominate 6 or more blogs.

4. Leave a message on their blog letting them know they have an award on your blog.

Now Rule #3 is a little tough for me. I don't follow all that many blogs and a lot of the ones I do follow already have like a bajillion readers. I would have nominated 3, but since Allison has already been nominated, I'm going to pick 2 that I think are really deserving.

#1 Rachel- Rachel is my sister-in-law and her blog is amazing. She has two kids, but she doesn't have that mommy bug that so many bloggers have where all they post about is their children. Rachel does post about her kids, but the posts are so heartfelt and honest and beautiful. Of course everything she writes about is that way. Rachel has a lot of character and feeling in her writing and I wait with baited breath for each new post.

#2 Annie- Annie is my sister and she's relatively new to the blogging world. In fact she's only been at it for a couple of months. But so far her posts have been really entertaining and she updates her blog on a pretty regular basis (this was one of my criteria for choosing my favorites). She too has a new baby, but she's kept a good balance of material on her blog. Plus her daughter is one of the cutest kids ever so I don't mind reading about her! I know you'll all be disappointed to find that her blog is private, but maybe if you're nice to her she'll give you access.