Thursday, April 15, 2010

My New Apprentice

The other night I was the first one home from work. Because of this, I reaped the benefits of a cat who loves the first person she sees after a long day alone in the apartment. This fleeting love and affection usually lasts about 5-10 minutes after which she discards said person like an old dirty shoe and resumes her position of stature on any heightened structure available.

Part of the love and affection period involves constant "meowing" and a puppy like stretch and pawing on your leg, one "arm" stretched out towards you as if death will occur if attention is not immediately expelled. If she is picked up during this time or petted, a distinctly content purr with high-pitched intonations is exuded.

Some days I'm so distracted and/or tired when I get home that I don't notice the incessant meowing at my feet. Monday night I came home with loads of groceries and set about putting all the food away and then got started on dinner. It was about this time that I realized that crazy cat was still meowing away and had jumped up on the washer and dryer and was poking her head into the kitchen. It was then that I realized this cat just needed a better vantage point. She wanted to see what I was up to and didn't have a good enough view on the floor.

So, I got out one of our barstools and set it in the middle of the kitchen and patted the seat, motioning for her to jump up. She quickly got the idea and jumped right up. She immediately stopped meowing and sat there happy as a clam, watching me chop and stir. Maybe she's been reading my Julia Child book when I'm at work and wanted to start learning how to cook. If so, she's going to need one hell of a hairnet.


heidi said...

What a smart, pretty kitty!

Loved the hairnet quip. :D

Rachel said...

Aw, what a good little kitty.

collette said...

I bet she likes it when you play the piano, too; all intelligent cats love piano music!

Karen said...

She DOES love the piano! She always comes and sits on it when I'm playing. She has also taken to playing herself it in the evenings when we get home. She likes to make up her own songs... they're pretty angst-y. :D

heidi said...

Ooo, I'd love to hear one/some of Gracie's angsty piano compositions. I hope you manage to catch a performance on video!!

I'm crossing my fingers.

Holly said...

What an adorable story! I can just picture her sitting on the barstool, watching you cook. :)

The hairnet comment was hilarious!