Monday, September 17, 2012

Land of the Red Rocks

This year for the Holley family trip we headed down to Moab. It was great weather and we all had a lot of fun. And since I have a sleeping baby resting on my arm, you get the picture version of the trip!

First stop, Dead Horse Point

Deep in thought

We went ahead and did an album cover photo, just in case.

Seth and I drove around Arches National Park that evening while the kids were swimming.

That's Delicate Arch way in the back

The next day we did some actual hiking at the Devil's Garden in Arches.


Some of us just hiked to Landscape Arch and then waited for the group to go on a little further. While we were waiting  I decided to feed Sylvie. Long story short she had the biggest blow-out ever... poop all over her clothes and my skirt. Thus the reason why she is naked in this picture. She looks pretty pleased with herself!
Our first family picture ever!
That evening we went to Millcreek Falls to swim. It was a great place close to our condo and had a lot of nice swimming holes for the kids.

Annie makes a daring leap across the treacherous river below!

Bryce's swim trunks were killing me! Ha ha!

Lying out to dry
Thanks everybody for such a great trip! Can't wait til next year!