Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fun at the Gateway

A couple weeks ago my family met up at the Gateway for one last hang-out before my sister Corinne and her family went back to Arizona. The kids had a great time playing the fountain and there's no better cuisine than found in the food court!

 Annie & Eric with their kids, Marshall & Belen

Me & Seth

 Bryce & Ella


The Whole Family (ignore the trash can on the left)

It's always fun to see my family. What an amazing group of people! Love you guys!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Birthday Bowling

I mentioned in my previous post how we'd gotten together to do some bowling for Corinne's birthday. I thought I'd post some of the pictures I took... those kids were too dang cute.

Belen is already a professional bowler... she could hardly wait for the pins to reset to push another ball down the ramp! Look at that concentration!

Look at those mini bowling shoes! Ha!

Lily and Ella take a break for some apple beer.

I have never seen a cuter bunch of tow-headed kids. 

Don't worry Eric, you can be cute too, even though you're a little older than 7.

iFly! Ok, Corinne flies.

Yesterday afternoon I met up with both my sisters and their families for some bowling and pizza up at the Solomon Center in Ogden. After we were through bowling, J.R. talked Corinne into doing iFly for her birthday. Surprisingly none of the kids (or adults) wanted to do it with her. She was the only one brave enough to give it a shot. She did awesome though!

Ready to fly...

She had a really good time, can you tell? (hehe)

Happy Birthday Corinne!