Thursday, July 7, 2011

iFly! Ok, Corinne flies.

Yesterday afternoon I met up with both my sisters and their families for some bowling and pizza up at the Solomon Center in Ogden. After we were through bowling, J.R. talked Corinne into doing iFly for her birthday. Surprisingly none of the kids (or adults) wanted to do it with her. She was the only one brave enough to give it a shot. She did awesome though!

Ready to fly...

She had a really good time, can you tell? (hehe)

Happy Birthday Corinne!


It's Me said...

I look smok'n hot in that jump suit!

Ok, not really...why oh why did they make me look so stupid while I was doing something so awesome! I'd have paid $10 more to at least look cool...

You are in trouble for posting ugly pics of me on the internet!