Monday, November 16, 2015

Letters to Gavin: 9 Months

Dear Gavin,

I don't know how you're already 9 months old. Yesterday you were only 6. This just isn't fair.

You are a such a happy little guy. So bright-eyed and charming. So curious and anxious to explore. I try and allow you to inspect and investigate your surroundings as much as possible but I still feel like I'm constantly pulling you away from this or that, taking things away, or telling you "no no." Of course this always upsets you. You seem to have a penchant for things you're not supposed to have, namely power cords. Our mornings with your sister generally involve me making breakfast and checking on you two every couple minutes, during which time I usually have to "reset" you to the middle of the room because you've wandered off to chew on the decorative sticks in the corner. You are a lightning fast army crawler these days and can get into trouble in record time!

Stuck under the couch. Again.

You are becoming more and more vocal as the days pass. When happy you babble to yourself and "talk" to those that will listen to you. You're making more of a "dada" sound now though it's more of an accident than actually addressing Daddy. When angry or upset you protest loudly putting emphasis and conviction behind your babbles. You sound so serious and adamant but so adorable at the same time. I try to show I take you seriously but it's hard not to smile.

Hanging out with your cousins at the corn maze.

Every once in a while something tickles your funny bone and you laugh hysterically. The first time this happened your cousin, Belen was juggling for you, which mostly amounted to throwing balls in the air and letting them drop. You thought this was the most hilarious thing ever and cackled with laughter for several minutes. Other times you laugh at the crazy antics of your sister. You tend to love it when she jumps around or pops up and says "boo!" Mommy and Daddy can get you to laugh occasionally by blowing on your tummy, but you generally prefer to get your entertainment from Sylvie, who is usually happy to oblige. She loves to make you laugh and you love to watch her. She is definitely your favorite person.

One of my favorite things you do is this little wavy wrist movement. You do it when inspecting different objects or just looking at your hands. It's so dang adorable. You've done this for a few months now and it's slowly starting to go away.

You've been "eating" solid foods for a couple months now and are just starting to get the hang of things. You don't really like to be fed. You'd rather grab foods and feed yourself. I'm not sure how much you actually eat, but you seem to have fun. At the end of each meal your face is completely smeared with food, as are your bib, high chair, and hands. It's a huge mess. But, you LOVE everything. I don't think there are any foods you don't like which is amazing. We let you try just about everything we eat and you seem to love it all. Sylvie has always been a very neat, picky eater so to have a very messy little boy who loves food is quite a change. It's so much fun! I hope your interest in food continues!

Your first taste of real food!

Happily gnawing on a plum.

You love your fries. Must run in the family!
There are a few things that you really don't like. Mostly you hate getting your diaper changed. You fuss just about every time I put you up on the changing table. You also dislike being strapped into your high chair, which I find odd since you seem to love eating. You don't really like to be spoon fed though you'll tolerate it. Other than that, you're just so easy-going. You're almost always happy.

Playing with one of your favorite "toys".... the cord from the blinds on the changing table. 

Gavin, you are such a wonderful little light in our family. We all love your squishy little cheeks to pieces and can't image our lives without you. You're my sweet baby boy.

I love you Bubby!

Love, Mama