Thursday, July 24, 2008


Maybe I'm just not old enough yet, but I still look forward to my birthdays. I don't think it's necessarily the presents that I like, just the notion that it's my own special day. People are just nicer to you on your birthday and you get to be center stage without any effort on your part. Plus you usually get at least one card in the mail that isn't a bill.

Acquaintances usually don't know when my birthday is, but if you're somewhat close to me, I won't let you forget. My reminders may start up to eleven months in advance and include an obscure pop quiz such as "Do you know what today is?" This question is always asked on the 23rd of whatever month it is. I like to ask the question with a tone that makes the person (usually Seth) think that the date is very important and they should know that of course today is exactly say, ten months until my birthday. Seth has gotten pretty good at remembering this trick quiz and usually guesses right on the first try. I also use this pop quiz as a time to ask if my victim has started saving up for my huge present.

Of course all of these non-chalant plugs for my birthday are done in jest, but for the record, nobody ever forgets my birthday.


heidi said...

Kay--I LOVE your Birthday Awareness Campaign. It's one of my favorite things about adorable you.

I have to confess... although I've known you all these months... there are months when the 23rd doesn't register. I guess I need further exposure to Birthday Awareness. :)

p.s. I may seem like an 8-yr-old for liking this, but... word verification word? = butcar!