Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Football Season

Seth mentioned to me the other day that football season is going to be starting again soon. My immediate response was, "Oh great. My life was going so well and now it's going to be ruined." Seth looked at me with a hurt look on his face. I truthfully am not a big football fan... I've tried to like it, but just can't seem to get into it unless there's money riding on the game.

Although my comment was made as an exaggerated half-joking statement, I think Seth was kind of freaked out. Had I not spent hours with him watching the games last year during football season? Was it all a ploy to trick him into marrying me? I'm sure these were thoughts that were running through his panicked mind.

Truth be told, Seth is really very reasonable when it comes to the amount of football he watches. He typically only watches one or two games a week during the season and the games always involve teams he actually cares about. He doesn't watch football just to watch football. Although I normally sit with him the entire game, I typically don't get too excited about what's going on. I usually put a dollar or two into the completely luck-based work pool for the Superbowl however, so during that game I just get excited about the score. I find that it helps my attention level immensely.

Sometimes I'll pick a team that I want to win just to make the game more interesting to watch. I usually pick my team according to who is wearing the "prettiest outfits." I do this as a conscious girly thing because I know that's how men think women usually choose their teams. I just like to add to the stereotype. I did this during the last Superbowl and my team actually won, even though they were "not supposed to." Seth had been rooting for the other team and though I would have liked to rub it in more that I won, he just looked so dejected I didn't have the heart. I don't understand how men get so emotionally involved in a game. If I'm watching a game and my team loses, I'm over it in a minute flat. Guys can carry around the disappointment for a week. I just don't understand it.

Now to be fair, I'm sure there are things that I am involved in that Seth thinks are completely weird. I take pictures of the food I make so I can post pictures online. I send him picture messages on his phone of different haircuts so he can help me choose. I organize the closet by color. I insist on watching all episodes of Grey's Anatomy and can't understand why he doesn't want to watch it with me.

I think there are things that men and women are never going to understand about each other. We're just wired differently. But I figure if spending an afternoon snuggling with my husband on the couch and him getting a good meal is the worst we have to endure because of these differences, so be it. I'm willing to suffer the consequences.


Rachel said...

You're such a good wife.

heidi said...

K, that's so funny! I completely relate. It's taken over a decade for me just to have half a grasp of the basic rules of football.

Then, last weekend, during a replay, I brought up the topic of whether the player falling with the ball did indeed have it "in his possession and under control" (and gave my opinion about that) and Paulie turned and gave me this LOOK... like I was an alien wife beamed down from the sky. An alien wife from a planet of football-knowledgeable women, that is.