Sunday, January 11, 2009

Super Fun Time

I know you've all been waiting for this moment... the time when I get to share with you all of the wonderful activities Seth and I enjoyed over Christmas vacation. We both really needed the break from work and school and made the most of the time we had together and with our families.

We spent our first Christmas together at home. Seth got me a fancy new Simms fly fishing vest and tied up a whole box of Royal Wulff flies. He spent a lot of time on my gift and I really appreciate all the thought he put into it. I really loved it!

I just woke up... Don't be jealous!

Seth also really liked his gift. I got him a fly tying bench complete with a lamp and a fly box. He's been tying a lot of flies lately (in addition to the ones he made me!) and he uses his new bench a lot.

We did really well this year I thought especially considering we set a reasonable budget for gifts and actually stuck to it. We may have had to think a little more and spend a bit more time, but I think it made everything mean that much more.
We also got some really nice things from our family. My parents gave us a set of monogrammed towels (which my mom made herself!). Corinne and her family gave us a print of one of my Dad's pictures. It turned out really beautiful and looks great in our apartment. Annie and Eric put all of the family home videos on DVDs along with music and everything. There were around 10 DVDs that they made and I could tell it was a lot of work. We really appreciated and loved it. Seth's family exchanges names and this year Rachel and Abraham had our name. Rachel crocheted a beautiful white afghan for us and made some mixes for soup, biscuits and cookies. It was very thoughtful and I'm sure it took her a long time to make.
We spent Christmas with my family this year because my sister, Corinne and her family were here from Arizona. The day after Christmas my dad took me, Seth, Corinne and JR out shooting on the west side of Utah Lake. Not too many people were out because it was pretty cold and snowy.

My 'Home Defender'

I think this is an AR-15, but who cares... I look hot!

Dad showing Seth his sawed off shotgun.

Militia anyone?

We had a great time skeet shooting using my dad's double barrelled shotgun.

Corinne's gone a little soft since she moved to Arizona...

JR's gone a little crazy.

It was great to see my nieces Lily and Ella and my nephew, Bryce. They are such cute kids and it was a blast hanging out with them. Lily, who just turned 5 was nice enough to give me a make-over using the make-up she just got for Christmas. I really needed it.

First, lipstick and face sparkles...

Next, eyeshadow. Blue is my signature color....

The finished product. Don't be a hater.

We also went to Clark Planetarium with my parents and Corinne and her family. We saw a 3-D movie called 'Santa vs. the Snowman.' The kids really liked it and we thought we looked pretty awesome in our special glasses!

We drove up to Idaho to spend New Year's with Seth's family. January 1st is our nephew, Soren's birthday. He turned 2 this year and we had fun with him and the family at Rachel's house.

Soren smiling while we sang him Happy Birthday.

Grandpa Hanson and Arielle

Collette and Marty


Seth and Grandma Hanson... they were having a good time... really.
We probably won't get another long vacation like that for a while but it was fun while it lasted. We appreciate our families and the great people that they are. Hopefully we'll get to see them all again soon!


It's Me said...

We had a really good time with you guys in the UT! I think next time we go skeet shooting we'll have to plan it when it's actually above freezing (those pics of us...aarrghh!)I was freezing so what can I say!

Loved the makeup pics. I thought you looked especially hot!