Monday, February 23, 2009

30 Years of Excellence

This post is a little late for various reasons, but it's something I've been thinking about and really wanted to do. Seth turned the big 3-0 this year on February 9th. As we get older, especially when hitting bigger marks such as this, we tend to evaluate our lives and measure our successes. I want to tell you about all the many wonderful things Seth has accomplished in his thirty years.

Seth is a fountain of knowledge. He is constantly wanting to learn new things and is usually engulfed in many things at once. He reads no less than five books at any given time and is excited about so many different subjects it’s almost unimaginable. During his lifetime, Seth has studied many areas including range science, Spanish, fisheries science, history, and botany. He has an associates degree in electronics with an emphasis in laser optics and is currently working on a bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in Sociology. He has also expressed interest in studying raptor biology, math, business and teaching.

Seth is also an avid hunter and fisherman. He knows just about everything there is to know about the sports and is always willing to share his knowledge. I usually come to him with my hunting and fishing questions because 99% of the time he knows the answer. He’s an excellent marksman and I find it very enjoyable to watch him shoot, whether it’s guns or a bow. Seth is proficient at reading maps. He has a special interest in topographical maps and loves to study them. He is always pointing out different areas on the maps he has and showing me the places he would like to explore. Seth knows a lot about different animals and how to track them. He knows how to do many elk calls, mainly because he has practiced for hours and hours to get them just right. He also knows a lot about fishing techniques and is an excellent teacher. He is very patient with me and has taught me just about everything I know. He really makes it easy to learn because he has such a passion for the things he loves to do that it radiates to everyone around him.

Seth is a great leader. He has a strong countenance that causes people to naturally gravitate towards him. He is always getting people coming to him for direction, advice and comfort, even those he doesn’t even know. The people that know Seth have a great love and respect for him because he has such an inner beauty and peace that is readily shared with others. He is an easy leader to follow because of his strength and knowledge. He shows genuine care and concern for people and this has allowed him to gain many friends.

Seth is very goal oriented. He loves to set goals and gives his all to achieve them. When he sees something he wants, he does everything he can to make it happen. He learned how to play the guitar just because he wanted to and found the avenues that he needed in order to do it. Seth is constantly reassessing his goals and what it will take to meet them. It is not uncommon for him to talk about goals he wants in 5, 10 or even 20 years. He is always looking at the big picture and trying to plan just how he wants things to be.

People tend to think that success is measured by the amount of money you have or how big your house is. While this is one kind of success, it is not the only kind. I can think of many financially successful people who have failed in life. Success can be measured in many ways including talents, knowledge, friendships, and life experience. Seth is very rich in all of these areas and is not only continuously increasing his wealth, but also sharing it generously with others. He has accomplished so much already it is exciting to see what another 30 years might bring.
Happy Birthday sweetie, I love you!


Heidi said...

I've noticed you always leave sweet comments on Rachel's blog... you may have noticed my name from the (excessively long) comments I leave.
I'm actually Collette's friend although I think Rachel is riveting. I just adore Collette... it breaks my heart that I live 5 hours away from her! (in Boise)
I only just discovered your blog & have just read a few posts but I was SO drawn to this one. Collette has talked a lot about her siblings--so much so that I feel that I know them!--but I've never met her brothers in person.

I was drawn to this particular post for 3 reasons--1) the turning thirty thing, 2) the adoring a Hanson thing, and 3) the love.
1. Turning 30 was huge for me... Collette and I turned 30 within a few months of each other and had a wild girls' adventure. I think we both felt that we were coming in to our own... and getting older at a frightening pace! Not that we're phobic about wrinkles or anything--just, that life is so precious and time goes by so very fast! We want to savor every second. It feels like just the day before yesterday that we were freshman piano majors at College of Idaho... and Marty was driving the whole distance twice a weekend to see his true love. (Once to pick up C & take her home & once more to deliver her back to school.)
2. The adoring a Hanson thing: every kid from that family just seems wonderful and I feel a special bond with non-Hansons who see how exquisitely wonderful a Hanson (or ex-Hanson) is. :)
3. The Love so generously tucked into every crevice of this! I think loving anyone wholeheartedly and unabashedly is a beautiful example to the rest of us. I think creating a "resume" of your spouse's best traits is a fabulous and much overdue idea! I hope I find a way to use it.

In fact, I think it would be an indescribably better world if we could all be introduced to one another not through the usual haphazard means but through a thoughtful word-picture like yours, offered by the person who loves us best.

I am glad I have been introduced to Seth in this way. He seems fitting company for his sisters and that's saying a lot, coming from me! :) Tell him he shouldn't take for granted sharing an actual BLOOD BOND with that sublimely sweet COLLETTE.

With excessively wordy, but sincere appreciation--


Heidi said...

p.s. I'm not expecting a reply but I would warmly welcome one. If for any reason you wish to do so privately, my email address is

Seth said...

Well I can't believe Karen wrote such a nice post about me... thanks sweetie! And I definitely like the favorable way that she assessed my first 30 years! I have a bad habit of comparing myself to others and feeling like a huge underachiever because - as Karen pointed out - I can't boast of much when it comes to material possessions. But after reading this post, I guess I shouldn't feel too bad about my journey to this point in life. If nothing else, its been very interesting! So thank you Karen, thank you for reminding me of my good side. :-) Love, Seth

The Butler Clan said...

Seth, you look great! Just remember, you'll always be the heartless older cousin who tormented me as a little girl (and chased me with dead bunny tails). Oh well, lets bury the hatchet, you're actually quite a nice adult! Hope all is well, I hope it's okay to link you to Greg's blog. He'd like that! If not, oh well, let me know somehow. Ashley and oh yeah! Happy birthday!

Allison Claire said...

What a nice post about your husband! I seriously need to step it up a little bit! haha Happy Birthday Seth.

Rachel said...

Seriously. Seth has had more fascinating experiences in his brief 30 years than I hope to gather in a lifetime. You nag that boy to write. He really needs to write.