Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Food Fight

So it wasn't really a food fight, more of a food discussion. More specifically, how to split up the responsibilities. With Seth being done with school (for now at least), he's got a little more time on his hands to help out with the domestic drudgery.

Right now I do all the cooking and he does all the dishes. It works out well because I hate to do dishes and Seth doesn't really like to cook. Win win. As many of you know, there are other things involved in cooking than just pulling things out of the cupboard and throwing them in a pan. Things like meal planning and grocery shopping. Things that I don't really like to do, but they're kind of a necessity.

The other day Seth told me that he wanted to help out with the grocery shopping/planning in order to take a little bit of this boring stuff off my plate. Which brings me to my question. Who does the cooking in your house? Does the cook do all the planning and shopping or do you split it up somehow? I'm trying to think of an easy way to do this but I'm a bit stumped. Do I just keep doing what I've been doing and make Seth clean the bathrooms instead? Seth is perfectly capable of planning a couple meals or grocery shopping, but knowing me and my meal planning, he'd spend all day lost in the store looking for some crazy item like kielbasa, bulgur, or Old Bay seasoning.


Budsly said...

I would stick with your current method. Maybe he could help come with meal ideas for the week, but it gets too complicated if there are too many chefs.

I do all of it in my house. My weight and wallet can't afford to send Eric to the store. He'd come home with cookies, icecream, doughnuts, and nothing for dinner, except maybe a steak.

Plus like you said, men don't know specifics about a lot of food, or where to find it in the store.

So to recap,You Cook and grocery shop. He does the dishes, and you both come up with meals :)Sounds like a plan to me!

Steven said...

We actually take turns planning and cooking. Although I do the grocery shopping; Allison hates going to the store. I try to plan, but have been accused of making just meat and a vegetable from time to time. As far as dishes go, it is a toss up.

Paul said...

Wow, that's a tough one. Heidi and I experimented for years, and I think we'll continue to fine-tune the sharing for a while to come. We generally try to split the cooking and she does more cleaning than I do, but I do all the shopping. She hates shopping. I usually throw in the dishes on the weekend (but not always).