Saturday, July 10, 2010

So Many Adventures Your Head Will Probably Explode

For the 4th of July (which just happened to be our 2 year anniversary!) Seth and I took the week off and headed up to Island Park, Idaho for a few days of camping and fly fishing. Since we were so close to Yellowstone, we spent a couple days up there trying out all the many rivers we had heard so much about. Sadly, we didn't catch a whole lot (I think it's still pretty early in the season up there...) but we had a good time. I think the pictures can tell the rest of the story...

First we dropped off Gracie so Grandma and Grandpa could watch her. Apparently she really likes to sit in the crib (and play with those white spinning circles).

My first Yellowstone fish. A brown on the Firehole River. Woohoo!

A view of the Buffalo River at sunset next to our campground.

Catching big fish is easy. I went for my smallest fish ever... a 3" shiner minnow on the Buffalo River.

The resident fire making pro. Also the resident wood chopper.

Typical lunch... remember those Guacamole & White Bean Wraps I told you about?

Seth with his first Yellowstone fish. A brown on the Gibbon River.

There's no fish in the Upper Gallatin in case you're wondering.

Seth with the biggest fish of the trip... a huge brown from the Lower Gallatin River.

Tight loops... that's what fly fishing is all about. And fish.

Warm River butterflies... there were a ton of them!

We were also able to hit up the Madison, Henry's Fork, and Rainy Creek. The Madison kind of kicked our butts, Henry's Fork produced some nice little browns (and a view of a ManBearPig or two and a Great Blue Heron), and we took the cutthroats by storm up at Rainy Creek. It was definitely an epic trip and one we hope to try again soon.

Happy Anniversary Seth! I love you and look forward to many more years together!


heidi said...

Happy Anniversary, sweeties!

I love your hair, Kay.

My bro. caught a fish this weekend! It was his first in several years. The last one he caught by accident, in the butt. My dad still gives him a hard time about it.

But I'm pretty sure it tasted just as good!

(Hopefully that's not a painful way to go.)

Adore the photo of Gracie, by the way! I wonder if she'd make a good crib guard cat?

It's Me said...

Looks like fun! I love all the fish pics especially the tiny fish. Everything tiny is cute right? Happy Anniversary too!

Holly said...

Okay, so I'm quite late with this but Happy Anniversary!

The photo of Gracie is so cute! It's so adorable that she likes to sit in the crib!

The sunset picture is gorgeous!

thebluemuse said...

Happy (really) late anniversary! I love your on-photo commentary, cracks me up!