Friday, April 15, 2011

Satan's Rainbow

If you follow me on Facebook at all, you may have seen my little post about how I'd been stressing out about paint colors for the house and how I'd finally chosen a color. Turns out that color wasn't what I wanted. So we chose a couple more colors to try out. No dice. Then we changed things up and decided to go the orange route. That didn't work either. So we went back to beiges. I picked three new beiges and sorta liked one. So we were gonna go with that. At this point we had purchased 10 different samples and I didn't like any of them. I don't know how this is possible. But it was.

The Carnage

The other night we were walking around in RCWilleys (after purchasing a new fridge... yeah!).They have a lot of small walls throughout the store, all painted a different color. These colors were also labeled with a paint brand and name. So we decided to scout out the store for paint colors. Can I tell you how awesome this was? I can see lots of colors! And they're named! And a WHOLE WALL is painted, not just a 1" square on a card. Who would have known the furniture store would be the perfect place to shop for paint colors?

Well it turns out I saw an orange and a beige I liked. So I ditched the color I'd previously settled on. I pretty much had to do this because the beige color I liked ended up having the best name ever: Smoked Trout. And the orange was just what I was looking for. Seth is picking up samples of these two colors today. If these colors don't look good in our house I quit. Stay tuned.


heidi said...

YAY YAY YAY! I know exactly how imperative color choices are. I'm so delighted you found such a wonderful and DELICIOUSLY named color.

(Incidentally, I absolutely adore ALL the colors Paulie and I picked for our house--and there were some nail-biting moments when I have been unsure--EXCEPT the master bedroom. Somehow, even though I adore practically every shade of green known to humankind, we managed to paint that room two shades that give me endless trouble... Not awesome, and, they match NOTHING. But I remember how exhausting room-painting was, so, I'm supremely unmotivated to seriously consider redoing the whole damn room. Although I did have an awesome idea recently, of repainting with MURALS! The advantage of having a Gifted Artist as a husband. We'll see if we ever get around to it...)

Loves and kisses.


p.s. I dreamt I helped you with your house. I'm not sure exactly what I did, but I seem to remember it wasn't very helpful. :D Accurate even in my dreams! Ha!

thebluemuse said...

I have SO been there!! I think we have "Earth Mother" green and "Vintage Merlot" at our house. Glad you found your colors!

Holly said...

You've been tagged!

It's Me said...

Picking colors for your home/office is the DEVIL! Seems like I have the vision, but reinacting is out on the walls using 1 inch color cards is impossible. I've had my share of major paint issues! Years ago our cell phone store ended up looking too much like a Ronald McDonald playroom after I picked the colors for it, but I wasn't about to redo it. About two years ago I also had the inside of a rental property painted "peach" and I swore the swatch was a tan color! Again, I wasn't about to put out more money to have it redone. I hope there is a large tenant population that is into peach/flesh colored walls. lol!