Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Oregon Trip: Tide Pools

I know you'll all be shocked to know that Seth and I took a break from all of our house junk and went camping on the Oregon coast for a week! It was a much needed vacation and we had such a great time with Seth's family.

On the first morning after our arrival, we decided to do a ranger guided tide pool tour. We were a bit skeptical of the "guided" part as it's usually kind of boring and too structured, but it ended up being our favorite part of the trip! We got to wander around the tide pools looking for different sea creatures and ask all the questions we wanted. The best part was, only four of us showed up so we got a private tour!

Looking at a small crab

We saw tons of these sea stars in all different colors. The white dot in the middle on top is it's butt. See! I learned something!

Group shot of the adventurers

We found one sunflower sea star... much bigger than the other sea stars and tons of legs!

The underside of the sea star with all its sucker feet

Seth with a half-dead crab

More to come!


Paul said...

Ewww! Those look squishy.

Paul said...

Oh, and I have a follow-up (serious) question. Did you take those videos with your little camera? If so, that is pretty nice quality!

I once had a starfish crawl around on my hand. They stick like crazy.