Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Final Reveal: The Bathroom

Well folks, we got another room done over here. Thought you might like to see. It's the ol' can this time. The water closet. The BATHROOM.

Here's what we started with:


I know this doesn't look that bad. But, it was. The paint was the same ugly brown throughout the rest of the house. The counter top was super ugly and the vanity had been painted, but not very well. The tile looked OK (though the floor isn't level so that may have to be fixed later) and there was wainscoting installed on the wall opposite the vanity which was a plus. BUT, all the fixtures were old and crappy (sadly you can't see most of them in this picture) and it was in desperate need of a face lift. So we gave it one.


First thing to go was the counter top on the vanity. We replaced it with a granite counter top from Lowe's which had a built-in sink. This was a great way to make a huge change without getting too crazy on the cost. And it was easy to do! So I'm pretty sure everything we replaced came from Lowe's. The towel rack, tp holder, and towel ring were from Moer's 'Sage' collection, and the toilet cabinet, medicine cabinet (we got the 25" wide one and I removed the crown molding on top because it looked weird with our light fixture), light fixture, and faucet were chosen as individual pieces. I also replaced the knobs that came on the toilet cabinet and medicine cabinet as they weren't very high quality.


We wanted to keep this room bright and I really love that light aqua color, so I chose to use Behr's 'Pensive Sky' color on the walls. We stuck with the same white we had throughout the rest of the house for the trim, wainscoting, and vanity. And... did you notice one more thing? Yep. We got new doors and knobs. So much better!

Like I said, there are a couple things that may change down the road (the lumpy tile and the toilet which has the flushing power of spit), but I love the way this room turned out. Now to tackle all my bare walls...


Rachel said...

Fab, fab, fabulous!

heidi said...

Ooooooooo so pretty!

As soon as I saw the first Transformed Bathroom Picture I said "oooo!" outloud and made that o-shape with my mouth that little kids make when they're really surprised and amazed in a delighted way.

And I kept doing that "ooo" thing and stared at your post with my face that way for several minutes! Until I started feeling vaguely silly for being so delightedly amazed.

I love the aqua color; it sorta reminds me of a tropical ocean. Your bathroom looks so light and transporting and... breezy. It looks like a great place to spend time in! Maybe that will come in handy in your old age. :D

And GUESS WHAT! I had a crisis with my usual skin care regime--I have this Clean & Clear blackhead removing soap that I used to swear by... it's got these little blue bead things in it, and salycilic acid mixed in... and I actually use the Rite Aid brand cuz the little blue beads seem a better size... ANYWHO so I ran out of that stuff for a while and when I got back into my routine, it didn't seem to be as effective anymore--so I got some of that Clean and Clear acne spot remover that you recommended way back-I think last September. And even though I've only used it THREE TIMES it seems to be working great!

So anyway I had to update you on that. I'll contact you later about various culinary and birthday matters--:D--but just wanted to reiterate how AWESOME ALL your ideas and suggestions are.

As well as your rapidly renovated rooms.


XO heidi

It's Me said...

Very nice job! Looks great!

Collette Smith said...