Thursday, April 26, 2012

Week 26: English Cucumber

Man I swear the time is just flying by. I can't believe I'm already at 26 weeks! I'm still feeling great though and can't believe how easy I've had it. I have to say I expected much worse. I expected crazy mood swings filled with crying and irrationality and outbursts. Nope. Nothing. I swear my chemicals are pretty much the same as they are normally. I also haven't had any cravings of any kind, which I have to admit is a little disappointing. I thought I'd at least be able to get away with a midnight pie demand or two.

I am definitely slowing down as the days progress. I walk slower and notice my feet start to hurt from standing a lot earlier than they used to. At my last appointment my doctor mentioned how I'd "blossomed" since last time. Meaning I'd gained a bit of weight. But after man-handling my legs he chalked it up to fluid retention. I've definitely gotten puffier these last couple weeks. My wedding ring barely fits and I've had to skip a couple days because my finger was just too fat to get it on (and have any confidence I'd get it off again!). I'm also starting to get some serious cankles, especially on my left side. I tried to put on a pair of strappy sandles this last weekend and could barely get the thing done up because my foot was so chunky! And speaking of strapping on shoes... it's getting to be almost impossible for me to bend over that far. Tying my shoes, putting my pants on, & picking things up off the floor is starting to be quite the challenge. I either have to stand on one leg and balance or do a sumo squat to get down far enough. I look very graceful.

My sleeping situation continues to be going well, although the rolling over from side to side is becoming more of a challenge. Sometimes I feel like a turtle stuck on its back. Every night when I get in bed and shift around to get comfortable it sounds like I'm running a marathon or lifting a 200 lb. barbell over my head.

I failed to mention we have a name picked out! Sylvia Kay Hanson. I think it's got a nice ring to it!  I think our little Sylvie likes it too from all this kicking she's been doing. Seth finally got to feel a good kick or two. He's also taken to doing tummy blows on me as his way of saying "hi" to his baby girl. He's such a good dad already! I also finally picked out some colors for the nursery... here's a swatch of the fabric I got for the crib skirt. I'm probably going to add some yellow/green accents in the room too so it's not too pink. 

As the weeks fly by I find myself getting increasingly worried about our girl coming early. It seems like there's so much more to do and I hope I can get it all done by the time she gets here. Extreme preemie babies aren't uncommon in my family so I'm hoping she'll listen to me and stay in there until at least week 36 or so. We'll see how well she listens to her mother!


heidi said...

Kay! The name you guys picked for your little girl is lovely! "Sylvia" is so pretty--and "Sylvie" although obviously very similar strikes my ears as both sweet and cute. I really like "Sylvie." But my favorite thing--well, two favorites, I can't decide--is having "Kay" as the middle name, and also, how close "Sylvia" is to "sylvan." That tree/forest imagery seems so perfect (albeit subtle) for someone joining your family. I can't think of a boy's name that's as fitting yet subtle... Fisher? Too spot on? I swear my brother would name his son, if he had one, Salmon. Too far? Even I think so, and I am very much a fan of unique names. I think every person deserves a name all their own--the problem is, uniqueness blends into weirdness so often.

Anyway, I think you succeeded in finding something original and pretty and unweird! And fitting! Congrats.

Also I'm jealous of that pretty swatch of fabric. I want to have a bedroom decorated with that! You seem to decorate beautifully with barely a trace of effort! I find it much harder. I think maybe because we've picked up pieces gradually, looking for good buys at thrift stores etc, and often--maybe here's the problem--without a sense of the Overall Design? We should maybe think of that Overall Picture more often. And buy more denim.

Heh. Oh! Last thing. I know we are RIDICULOUSLY late but we have not forgotten Seth's birthday. We are just in disagreement over what would be awesome enough. So far no idea satisfies us both.

Love ya! H. (and P.)

Paul said...

Oh, that is just gorgeous. I'm sure Sylvia will be the best of you both. Making her the best of all possible kiddlings! I am also positive you have child-sized fly-fishing equipment all picked out, right? Right? I will have to toss in a tiny Cubs hat. If I have my way, she will be a fan. So I will also be responsible for a lifetime of heartbreak.

Karen said...

Heidi, the meaning of "Sylvia" was what won Seth over I think. I'd mentioned the name to him before but I didn't get much enthusiasm until I told him it meant "Of the forest." Then he was sold! As far as a boy's name goes... last night we decided if we had a son his name would be Chism Axelrod Kilgore Trout John Hanson.

Also, you have no idea how many swatches of fabric I looked at before I picked that one out. Probably thousands. In fact for every item I've chosen, I've spent hours and hours researching & clicking around on the internets. It's very exhausting and I can't wait until I'm done!

Paul, no fly fishing equipment yet, but that's not to say we haven't looked! We were close to buying a little pink rod/reel combo from the Cabelas this weekend. :D

Samantha Thomas said...

I am in love with the fabric you chose. So very fairtalish if that's even a word. Also such a beautiful name for her. You guys are so blessed and I wish you nothing but the best.