Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Letters to Sylvie: 4 months

Dear Sylvie,

I can't believe how much you have grown in the last month. My little tiny baby is growing into the cutest, smiliest chunk I've ever seen.

You have the most adorable round chubby face and I'm constantly kissing your cute cheeks. Your legs have developed very healthy rolls and I love to dress you in your leg warmers to show them off. Your tiny hands have the cutest little dimples and your belly looks so Buddha, especially after you eat.

Your hair is definitely thinner than it was when you were born and a light peach fuzz layer of hair is growing in its place. It looks like you might be a blondie, but I guess it's still a bit early to tell. Your dad and I both expected you to keep your dark hair, but I guess you never know! So far your pretty blue eyes have stuck around and I think they're here to stay. I wouldn't be too disappointed if you kept your daddy's eyes. They sure are beautiful.

You also had your 4 month check-up at the doctor recently. Since your dad is home with you during the day I had him take you by himself. He did a great job taking care of you and made sure to give you some medicine afterwards to help you feel better. You were a bit cranky for the next few days, but we all survived. You've moved up from the 25th percentile in your length and weight to the 50th percentile. Delightfully average, I say. You're 13.6 pounds and 24" long!

You've gotten much more coordinated within the last month. You LOVE to suck on your hands. And if you're not sucking on your hands you're drooling. Your grip has gotten much better as well. You love to hold your rattle and shake it around and get upset when it falls. You also hold onto the leg of the elephant on your bouncy chair and grasp the toys on your jungle gym. Mommy's hair frequently gets tugged on too.

For the last few months you've been sleeping in me and daddy's bed, but the doctor said it was time to start teaching you how to sleep on your own. I was expecting the worst as you normally wouldn't even sleep in the co-sleeper connected to our bed, but after only a night or two of waking up every couple hours, you seem to be enjoying your new big bed in your very own room. I think the transition has been much harder on me than it was for you. I sure miss cuddling with you every night as you sleep next to me.

The week before Halloween you rolled onto your back for the first time. You still haven't figured out how to do it again, but I'm sure it'll happen again soon. You still love to take baths, though not as much as you did a couple months ago. Your favorite part is seeing the little naked baby in the bathroom mirror and you smile and smile at her. You also like to go for walks so I try to take you out everyday after I get home from work. We go to the park with the pond so you can listen to the ducks and walk by the big field full of cows. But, you don't require much to be happy. When your dad is around you're perfectly content to sit in the crook of his arm and watch tv. It's the cutest thing ever.

Every day that goes by I love you more and more. You're such a sweet little girl and everyone who sees you loves you. You've got such a calm, sunny disposition it's hard to be away from you for long. I'm so glad you're my little buggie.

Love, Mama


Seth said...

I'm really glad you take the time to write these letters sweetie... very well done. :-)

Budsly said...

She certainly is a cutie! I love the cheeks. I also love the rolls. My babies were/are too skinny to ever have rolls, so I appreciate them all the more.

thebluemuse said...

How is she so big already?? I swear I was just reading about how she was avocado-sized and then kicking you from inside. Love these letters!

Paul said...

Absolutely ADORABLE! She may have her dad's eyes, but she has my hair. Ha ha! I am bald.

Rachel said...

Luckiest little girl in the world.