Thursday, November 14, 2013

Letters to Sylvie: 16 Months

Dear Sylvie,

Well, it finally happened. You walked. We've known you were able to do it for a while, but you've just barely decided that MAYBE you could try it. Don't get me wrong, you still do a lot of crawling. Mostly crawling actually. But, given the right circumstances, you'll flail wildly from one object to another. Usually the only way I can get you to walk is to hold onto both of your hands, though recently you've allowed me to hold onto just one. One thing is for sure... you're not a daredevil. You've definitely got the cautious gene your dad and I possess in large quantities.

You are, however, getting very good at negotiating the stairs. You climb up and down them with relative ease and speed. I'm not sure you've grasped the dangers of the stairs yet though so your daddy and I still follow closely behind you should you get distracted by some random object and forget to hang on.

As if watching you walk wasn't cute enough, you've also become quite the dancer. Sometimes you'll bounce up and down when the music is just right, but usually you do the head bob move that your dad taught you. It looks a lot like you're shaking your head "no" but we both know it's your signature move. I love to watch Spongebob Squarepants with you just so I can see you dance at the beginning.

Although you haven't starting saying actual words yet (besides Dada), your recognition and understanding is very good. You'll close the fridge door or go get one of your toys when I ask you to. You are also very good at obeying when I ask you to put things away. You like to help me put your toys away or put all the kitchen utensils back in the drawer. You are also very good at pointing out body parts. You can do ears, nose, toes, eyes (you always point to Mommy's eyes), belly button, tummy, tongue, mouth, and teeth. I love asking to see your teeth because you give me your cutest little scrunchie nosed smile!

Cutest teeth ever!

I think you also generally get the concept of "yes" and "no." You vigorously shake your head "no" when you don't want something and/or wave your hand across your body indicating when you don't want something. Your "yes" or nod is the most adorable thing ever. You don't actually nod, you just put your chin down and look up with a shy smile. Your dad and I call it your Farley Face, because you look just like Chris Farley.

Farley Face!

This year you were old enough to participate a bit more in Halloween. We dressed you in an adorable lamb costume that your Aunt Annie made. Grandpa Fred, your cousins Belen & Marshall, and Annie & Eric came over for pizza and to go Trick-or-Treating. You didn't really get what was going on but had a good time walking around the neighborhood being held by your grandpa. You even got to eat your first pieces of candy! M&Ms and Reeses Pieces. You loved both, of course!

Ready to go Trick-or-Treating

Hay ride to pick out a pumpkin!

You have lots of things that you like to do for fun. Right now you're loving books. After going through a bit of a dry spell, you suddenly love having Mommy or Daddy read to you again. But now you like to climb up on our laps and sit in the big chair. Your favorite books right now are "Nighty Night Little Green Monster" (your Aunt Corinne sent you this for Halloween), "Find the Bird" (from your Aunt Amanda & Uncle Scott), and your Caillou Baby Album (from Grandma & Grandpa Hanson). You also can't get enough of closing doors. Every time you go into a room you have to close the door. If mom is getting stuff out of the fridge or cupboard, you try to shut the door. When you climb to the top of the stairs you close the baby gate. I think you just like things to be in the right spot!

I came into your room while I was making dinner to see you and Daddy reading a book. So cute!
A couple weeks ago I took you in for your first professional haircut. I think the place looked too much like the doctor's office and you cried and cried almost the whole time. Not even crackers, candy, or Mom's phone did the trick. They ALWAYS do the trick, so I knew you were NOT happy. Hopefully next time you'll remember it's a good place and you don't get shots there! Ha ha! Good news is, even though you cried, you held really still so your hair turned out nice.

The new haircut!
I'm sure I forgot something like I usually do, but that about sums you up these days. I love interacting with you and seeing your reactions to new things. Hearing you laugh and copy actions. Seeing all the cute little things that make up your personality. My favorite part of the day is pulling up to the house after work to see you and your daddy waiting for me outside, you with a big smile and wave. It makes me so deliriously happy.

I love you Buggie Boo Sylvie Sue!

Love, Mama