Monday, August 16, 2010

A Bit of a Motley Crew

Ok so there's some good news and some bad news. Good news is I've been taking a lot of pictures lately. Bad news is they're all piling up and I'm a little overwhelmed with them and don't really know where to start so I'm procrastinating in hopes that some magic fairy will come and take care of it all for me.

Alright, alright, I know there are no magic blogging fairies. So I guess that means I'm going to have to tackle this myself. To start the multitude of really amazing things to come, I thought it fitting to introduce you to my family. My dad took some family photos during our recent Zions trip and they all turned out so great! I can't wait to get these printed up and hung on the wall!

The crazy kids who started it Dad & Mom a.k.a Fred & Denise. Best parents ever. My dad loves Fresca, can you tell?

My older sister, Corinne and her family. That's my bro-in-law J.R. holding Bryce. Corinne is holding Reid.  Lily is front and center with Ella on the left. Such a cute family. Wish I could see them more often... it always seems like the kids are growing up so fast. Love all those dark brown eyes!

This is my younger sister, Annie with her husband, Eric and their adorable daughter, Belen. Aren't they the cutest? Love that these guys live so close. Makes it easier to be the favorite aunt! HA!

 It's hard to be this good looking, but we take our trials and deal with them the best we can. (But seriously... isn't Seth so amazingly handsome and manly? I love those baby blues.)

Eh, it could be worse!


Holly said...

What an attractive family you have! Love the last photo - you guys look like a ton of fun! :)

Rachel said...

Ya'll are adorable.

It's Me said...

I loved all the family pics this year! It's funny that Dad had on his Fresca hat. It makes his eyes look blue though don't you think? I think he is the only person I know that drinks Fresca on a regular basis. Maybe other old men do too, I don't hang out with that crowd too often.. ha ha!

thebluemuse said...

Totally know what you mean about overwhelming amounts of photos piling up! Your family portraits are gorgeous and by the way, I LOVE your hair!