Monday, August 23, 2010

Crossroads of the West

So way back like a month ago we went to Zions National Park and some other places with my family. I know I said I was working on these posts a few weeks ago, but that was pretty much a lie. Unless you count vaguely thinking about the fact that I needed to post about it. But, I figure you don't really want a whole lot of blah blah blah about all my summer vacations, so just look at these pictures. They're more interesting anyway. If I waited until I was inspired in the literary realm, this story would never see the light of day.

BEHOLD... the first day...

So as we were driving down to Zions we saw this motorcycle towing a Barbie houseboat trailer. WTF?! Was it a trailer disguised as a Barbie houseboat or just a Barbie houseboat? Why, for the love of all that is good and holy would you possess such a thing?! People are INSANE.

After seeing the Barbie houseboat we got pulled over by a couple cops so a giant dump truck bed could pass us. It was HUGE.

Thus ended the first day. And it was good.

BEHOLD... the second day...

Waiting for the shuttle bus.

These kids. Sheesh.

The squirrels on the Narrows trail had no fear of humans. Seth actually nudged one with his foot and it just sat there. A few of these guys just about got stepped on!

Seth likes to pretend to hike while he's hiking.

Hiking the Narrows.

Lily and her dad. They made a pretty cute team.

I love this picture of Seth. *swoon*

Annie looks like she's crossing the river to kick my ass.

Such a cute little family. Gotta love these guys and don't even get me started with that kid.

J.R. started carrying Lily through the deeper water. She was good at playing "damsel in distress."

Group shot... minus Annie and Eric who turned back a little earlier.

Later on that night we celebrated my 30th birthday. Meh, 30 is way easier to say than 29 anyway.

The festivities were moved inside due to windy conditions (hard to keep the candles lit in a breeze). Notice my monkey face. Now THAT'S hot. Thanks for the gifts everyone, and those cupcakes rocked, Mom! I'm pretty sure I ate like 5 of them.

Thus ended the second day. And it was was good.


Holly said...

Looks like an amazing place and what better way to spend that time than with family!

Paul said...

I am going to totally agree with you. So far my 30s are much better than my 20s. I'm smarter, handsomer and have more hair.

Ok, I lied about the last two, but I'm definitely smarter.

It's Me said...

Great pics! Man, I wish we could have stayed longer.

Collette said...

Great post--love the pics, what a fabulous place, what a beautiful family! Also LOLed over the Barbie house boat entry.

Collette said...

P.S. I was unaware that THIS birthday was the big three oh. Heavens to betsy.

Rachel said...

Karen, your blog is the BEST. EVER. I'm always shocked and amazed when you say that I'm your blog hero because your blog is so very, very sexy and delightful.

someone in zion said...


Just so you know. We are the insane people that have the Barbie house boat trailer. Funny thing is, we live just outside Zion National Park in the town that borders it. We were headed home from Salt Lake City, when you took this photo.

We love Lake Powell house boating and riding motorcycles. My husband is very creative and wanted to combine the two by making the trailer. The "Barbies" represented our family and their ages at that particular time in our lives.

One thing about it, our lives are not boring. We have a lot of different things that are unique to us and that makes it fun.

Thanks for the photo! L&K

Karen said...

Ha ha! That's awesome! Finally the question is answered. That drove me crazy the whole weekend not knowing! I couldn't figure out why someone would have a fancy Barbie houseboat. Your husband did an awesome job on it!