Thursday, October 21, 2010

Remain Calm

Last night I was taking a bath and reading as I'm known to do on occasion. As I was reading I heard a faint alarm/siren going off along with a lot of voices and noises from the neighbors. Of course I just ignored it and continued reading. A little while later Seth came in. "Did you hear those alarms going off?" "Yeah." "Well I went and looked outside. Apparently the neighbors across the hall about burned the place down. The fire department and some cops are here and everything. I guess they just burned something on the stove and the neighbors called 911 when they saw all the smoke. It's all taken care of though.. no big deal." "Oh ok."

So of course I got out of the tub, got dried off, and walked down the hall where Seth was looking through the peep hole out into the corridor. "I just saw some firemen go in there all suited up with air tanks and everything." At this point I thought it would be fitting to streak through the apartment screaming, after which I pushed Seth aside and took his place at the peep hole. "I'm not moving until I see those firemen come out."
So I stood there naked as a jaybird until I saw the firemen come out of the apartment. And Seth took a picture of my butt. I'll probably get it printed and hang it up in the bathroom. The End.


Denise said...

That is the one thing that has always made me nervous about the idea of living in an apartment, condo, or townhouse. If your neighbors happen to catch their place on fire, it's likely yours could go to! Glad it turned out OK but next time if you hear alarms and sirens, get dressed quick and get out! Silly daughter.

Paul said...

Oh my Hell. I would have freaked out. Of course, I also would have run out of the apartment naked and all the neighbors would have pointed and made fun of me and then I'd have to move and quit my job and we would have lost our savings and have to go live with my parents and I'd die of shame. In conclusion, I'm glad that did not happen to me.

I'm also glad that your apartment did not burn down.

It's Me said...

I'm glad that Seth was home when this happened because if he walked in from work and you were spying on firemen in the nude it'd be a little hard to explain.

I guess Mom's smart crisis mode genes didn't pass down to us. I don't think I would have run out of the house either. I always figure everything is a false alarm. Hopefully I can just move real quick if there ever happens to be an actual crisis.

Karen said...

The sad thing is I don't think Seth would be surprised in the slightest to come home from work and find me naked spying on firemen. He already knows I'm weird. And that I like firemen.