Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hanson Family Reunion 2010

After reading my dear sis-in-law Rachel's blog, I realized I had completely forgotten to write about the Hanson family trip up to Island Park in early October. We had a short few days to spend together, but managed to have a great time fishing, checking out Yellowstone, and hanging out together in the cabin.

Instead of a wordy post, I thought I'd just share some of the pictures we took... enjoy!

The first day we went fishing at Island Park Reservoir. This is Mama Hanson driving Soren around like a horse in Seth's hoodie. It's a lot funner than it looks.

Arielle went out fishing in the float tube (she's not sleeping, just concentrating really hard...)

Dad Hanson getting all rigged up.

Me, Marty Jr., and Dad Hanson

Calysta, Marty, and Tessa. Oddly enough, Soren the Hoodie Horse was the only one who caught a fish... with the help of Grandpa of course!

Abe and Liam overlooking the main floor at the Yellowstone Inn.

Collette and Calysta walking around the Old Faithful boardwalk.

 Old Faithful

 Me and Seth on the boardwalk.

This is my sexy pose.

Scott, Amanda, and little Charlotte

A coyote that wandered into the parking lot at the mud pots.

So there you have it... the Hanson Family Trip! It was definitely a lot of fun and we were all sad to leave. Thanks everyone for all your help and hard work!


Rachel said...

LOVE the Soren the Hooded Horse thing. It amuses me so. Twas a lovely trip indeed!