Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Week 33: Pineapple

I know... there's been a lot of baby posts lately. But I'm 33 weeks pregnant over here. There's not a whole lot of exciting things I can do right now!

The last few weeks have been interesting. I thought I'd hit the "uncomfortable" stage when this baby seemed to shift further down into my pelvis. All of a sudden my walk was very slow and standing up in general didn't feel that great. After several days of this, I woke up one morning and realized I felt completely normal again. I'm really hoping it stays like that until baby is actually ready to come out.

Little Sylvie has also started what I call "alien movements"... you know... the longer slow movements that look like an alien is moving around in your stomach. She still mainly does the short quick movements lower in my abdomen, but over the last few days I've noticed larger movements. Usually I'll be sitting there with my arms folded across my stomach and all of a sudden my arm will raise up. I haven't been able to distinguish which body part is pushing on me, but she's definitely building up some muscles in there!

One of the recent bonuses of being pregnant was my first Mother's Day. Seth got me a gift certificate for the salon I go to and adamantly specified that I use it on some sort of spa services, not something practical like getting my hair cut. So, this last weekend I got a much needed pedicure (I haven't had one in years!) and this weekend I'll be going in for a pregnancy massage. Woohoo! He definitely does a good job of taking care of me.

We're pretty much just playing the waiting game now. All the must haves are ready to go so we're mainly stocking up on information. We started a 4 week bout of birthing classes over at the hospital and actually learned a thing or two so far, which was nice. If anything we'll have a couple extra tools to use when the time comes, just in case I need it. Plus it's just a fun thing to do together. I'm also trying to get through a book or two that cover the basics of early babyhood so I don't look like a total idiot by putting a diaper on backwards or something. When you have almost no baby experience like me, you don't take any of these tips for granted!


Rachel said...

A SPA gift certificate? What a good hubby!

I'm soooo excited for Miss Sylvia to make her debut.

Samantha Thomas said...

Well girl you are in the home stretch and she's only going to get bigger and move more I'm sure. Sounds like you guys are ready... now it's time for the baby showers and gifts. Sitting there while ladies gush over you and serve you cake!

heidi said...

I love the baby posts! I hope you keep doing them forever. (Which I suppose you actually will be able to do, although the baby will eventually not be a baby anymore--but will still be the worthy subject of countless posts to come. I guess I'm saying, I hope you keep doing Sylvia posts forever 'n ever! Also: I hereby relieve you of the obligation of finding a fruit to compare her size to after she turns two. Or after she's born, if that's easier. :D )

And, the nursery is so unbelievably lovely. I'm jealous! I'm not sure of what. It's just beautiful.

Seth must be so excited, too.

Love you guys.