Thursday, June 21, 2012

Week 34: Cantaloupe

This week we went in for a 34 week ultrasound and found out a bunch of interesting details about our girl. They say she weighs about 6.1 pounds and is in the 70% percentile for weight, or 2 weeks ahead of schedule. She's got a little hair and chubby cheeks AND..... she's still breech. So that stresses me out a little. But, at least she's big enough at this point to not be super small if she comes out.

So since she's breech, I've been reading up on the Internets to see if there was anything I could do to try and get her to turn. I found this website that had a few weird suggestions and thought it was all a bunch of nonsense until the nurse at our birthing class repeated the same exact tactics. Here were just a few:

1. Stand on your head in a pool.

Ok really? I don't know how I'm going to do that and even if I could, the 5 seconds I'd be able to stay under water wouldn't really be enough time to make a difference.

2. Clip clothespins to the outsides of your pinky toes.

Apparently this spot is tied to the uterus in reflexology and supposedly makes it relax enough to allow the baby to turn.

3. Stick headphones down your pants so they're near your pelvis and play classical music.

I don't even know why this is supposed to work.... the baby wants to turn to get closer to the music?

4. Put your shoulders on the floor and butt up in the air (modified downward dog) and stay like that for an hour.

I'm not joking... the nurse lady at the birthing class actually demonstrated this one. It was a horrifying and awkward 10 seconds. Even if I could get in that position, there's no way I'd be able to stay like that for an hour.

5. Put an ice pack on your belly where the baby's head is.

I guess this makes their head cold so they move. To me this was the most plausible solution.

So I figured I should combine some of these tactics to be really sure I can get her to turn. Tomorrow I plan on standing on my head in a pool all afternoon with clothespins on my pinky toes. On the next day I'm going to strap an ice pack to my belly, stick some head phones down my pants, and get in the modified downward dog pose for a few hours. If that doesn't work, looks like I'll have to get those hypnotism dvds I've heard about...


Melissa said...

lol. I would like photo documentation please.

I think you found the best combinations because lets face it, upside down in a pool with an ice pack and headphones just sounds difficult to execute.

Seriously, good luck with everything. I hope she turns.
~Melissa (Doney) Holmstead

Budsly said...

While those all sound like excellent options, I've heard that acupuncture works 75% of the time. So, if the others don't work, maybe try that:)

Samantha Thomas said...

I've also heard not stressing about it that the baby will turn naturally when it's ready. You still have technically 4-6 more weeks to go... she'll get there just believe!

Rachel said...

Liam was transverse so they scheduled an induction and, using ultrasound, were successfully able to do a "version" right before they induced me. It was a wee bit uncomfortable, but that's childbirth, eh?

Denise said...

Silvie is teasing you already. She probably read the same book and just wants to see you try some of those tactics. That's my girl:)

I'll bet she'll cooperate when the time comes.

Collette Smith said...

Clothespins on your pinkies! LMAO!