Friday, July 6, 2012

It's Almost Time!

This morning Seth and I went in to the doctor to get another ultrasound, mainly to check and see if Sylvie had turned yet. I wasn't surprised when the technician told us that she was still breech. So, we went in to see the doctor to give him the news. He started mentioning inducing at 39 weeks and I cringed to myself. The ultrasound tech had just told us that our baby was up to about 7 lbs. 4oz. and the doctor had measured my belly and said I was measuring in the 40 week range. I was mentally prepared to get this baby out a few weeks early!

Well, after calling in another doctor who would be attempting the external version, they decided to induce me earlier than 39 weeks. In fact, they decided this coming Tuesday, July 10th would be best. AHHH! So, come Tuesday morning we'll be headed to the hospital to finally meet our little girl! The plan is to go in and get an epidural started after which Dr. Baby Flipper will try turning her. They said the odds are 50/50 it'll work, but I'm thinking it might be higher than that in my case because the ultrasound tech said with all the fluid in there, Sylvie has been enjoying Olympic-sized swimming pool conditions. If it doesn't work after a couple tries, I'll be going in for a c-section at noon.

So now my brain is trying to adjust to the fact that I'm going to be a new mom sooner than later! It's kind of nice knowing exactly when she's going to show up... no more guessing! Now I've got a few days to get all the final details taken care of... laundry, house cleaning, grocery shopping, packing, etc. Ready or not, here she comes!

Sylvie at almost 37 weeks. She's smiling!


Collette Smith said...

O.Mi.Gosh. We at the Smith household are jumping up and down with anticipation and suspense. May all go perfectly well. Love you guys!

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thebluemuse said...

WOW! Time sure flies when you're not carrying the baby! Hope the flipping goes well. Can't wait to see pictures of the little one!

heidi said...

Kay--WOW is right! Holy!

I hope everything goes bearably for you and that the baby comes out easily and safely.

How exciting that you're about to meet her. I wish I could!!

I can't believe what a good picture that ultrasound turned out to be. Usually they just look like blobs to me.

This is amazing! Good luck, sweetheart.