Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Letters to Sylvie: 3 Months

Dear Sylvie,

I debated whether to write you these letters because I know it's been done before and surely much better than I will do it. But you're so young and even though I tell you these things everyday, you can't quite understand me yet. And I want you to hear these things, even if you don't hear them for several more years.

Today you're 3 months old. I can hardly believe it. You're already double the size you were when you were born and have grown too big for many of your newborn clothes. I continue to clothe you in my favorite outfits, such as your navy blue cupcake onesy with the white polka dots, because I can't quite bear to put them away forever and accept that my baby is growing so fast.

You have so much personality already. You're so easy going and happy and very rarely cry. I went back to work almost 2 weeks ago and I miss my mornings with you when your smiles and laughs and giggles and coos are given so freely. There is nothing I love more than to see you smile. I don't think there's anything better.

You're finally starting to gain more control over your previously flailing arms and legs. You love to try and eat your fists and fingers. You also gained enough awareness to look at your reflection in the mirror. You'll kick and play and look at yourself in your little playmat mirror for quite a long time. Usually while you're doing this you'll lift both feet off the ground and haul off and kick the toys dangling above you. You seem to be much more aware of your feet than your hands.

Your very favorite thing these days is bathtime. I give you a bath almost everyday just because you enjoy it so much. If you're having a tough night all I have to do is stick you in your little bathtub and you immediately feel better and a smile spreads across your face. In fact, if I don't let you kick around in the tub long enough and take you out before you're done wiggling around, you'll cry and cry until I put you back in.

Much more important than telling you about your development, I want to tell you how much I love you. I hope one day you'll be able to have kids of your own so you will feel this incredible love I have for you. My heart almost hurts I love you so much. I'd do anything for you. You're my little snugglebug and I'm so happy you're here.

Love, Mommy


Rachel said...

Not gonna lie, got a little weepy.

You will never, ever regret writing letters to your Miss Sylvie. When I read back over my kids' letters, I am shocked at how much I've already forgotten.

Samantha Thomas said...

That was so sweet! I'll have to remember this when I have a child. And when she's being a unruley teenager pull these out and make her read them.

heidi said...

Beautiful! No one could have written better. :)

heidi said...

Beautiful! No one could have written better. :)