Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Six Sigmas

About a year ago I started on a big special project at work. This project involved choosing a manufacturing process with the potential to be improved and testing my improvement idea(s) using certain six sigma tools (which are related to statistics). Formally it's called a Green Belt and around my company, it's a big deal.

This project was huge and took up a big portion of my time. Every week I attended classes to learn about the different six sigma tools and then used each one to analyze part of my process. Each test had to be documented and explained in a technical report which was then reviewed and critiqued during not one, but TWO Powerpoint presentations in front of the company managers and six sigma group.

My 29 page technical report was turned in, reviewed, and approved a couple months before I went on maternity leave. This means that I successfully completed my Green Belt! I'm the only technician in my group to have completed this which feels awesome.

So why bring this up now if I finished it several months ago? Well, because upon returning to work, I finally had my official plaque! Now everyone that comes into my cubicle can see what a genius I am. It doesn't say which of the six sigmas I am, but I assume I'm either Brutality or Hand Shakefulness*.

*Gotta love 30 Rock!


Denise said...

Congratulations! I'm proud of my brilliant daughter. Anyone that can deal with statistics has my admiration.

Seth said...

Nice job baby! I couldn't be more proud! :'-)

Budsly said...

I didn't understand anything of what you just said....:) Obviously I didn't get the brains. Great job!

It's Me said...

Very nice. I am thinking plaque's might need to make it into our company budget soon. :)

Holy cow. 29 pages. Who reads that? Ha ha Brutality and Hand Shakefulness. You are hilarious.

Glad there was something good about going back to work. Did it feel strange to be back?

Rachel said...

You rock! Though I'm with Budsly, and am a little lost. :)

thebluemuse said...

Very cool! I also have no idea what any of the sigma six stuff is, but it sounds great to me. :)