Thursday, March 19, 2009

Blog Suggestions

Ok so call this a cop-out, but I want to do some more posts, but I'm having a hard time coming up with new material. Any suggestions on something you'd like to hear about? Specific subjects? Stories? Memories? Karen's Personal Opinions on Stuff? Anything?! (This applies to my Hopper Dropper blog too!)

Love Your Personal Entertainment Provider,


Ann said...

I think you should go back to memories of us growing up. Maybe things like you picking the blossom off the tree at the campground, or dad sitting in the chair with the mask on, princess and dragon game, etc.

Karen said...

Hmm... the blossom story is good, I'll have to get to work on that one. Maybe do a collage of Dad's pranks too. As for the princess and dragon game, I covered it in a May 2008 post entitled "Childhood Games and Other Stuff" in case you want to read it again! Keep the ideas coming!!!

Allison Claire said...

I always love when people post about their favorite music or music they recently discovered. And thank you for compliments on my pictures. I am trying to be more photo savvy, we will see if I improve. :)

heidi said...

I remember the "princess and dragon" game story since I read it only last week! It is a good-un'.

I have such a strong fondness for people's "How We Met" stories. I just love hearing when and how two "soulmates" first met... and what things first drew them together (not necessarily the super personal stuff... just some of the "atmosphere" or whatever you feel like sharing).

I'm a softie for this sort of stuff & often ask for this kind of story when getting to know people. Along those same lines, I'm always curious what list of baby-names girls can imagine naming their non-existent and maybe-will-never exist future kids.

Also--I'm dying to find a way to "download" from Co.'s brain her life-history "Reading List." A reasonably thorough listing of favorite books from childhood, adolescence, to now... with a few comments... I'd definitely read such a list from you with utter absorption & want to check armloads of it out of the library asap! (Although, I can be a slow reader, too!)

Finally--I'm curious--do you have any pix of your house/yard that are okay to show online? Or... of you & seth "gussied up" for a night on the town?

That's what immediately comes to mind. Tell us EVERYthing! At random, of course. :D

p.s. I LOVED your 7th grade story and your "Epiphany" about having created a terrifying situation entirely out of your imagination... and realizing that you're smart and capable and can tackle new challenges and changes and ENJOY what they bring... I love "Epiphany" stories and "aha" moments... (Except when they use that phrase on Oprah. It's not an "aha" moment to find a new way of organizing your closet. Wait! Or is it?)

heidi said...

p.p.s. I know there's "Tribute to Seth" and "30 Years of Excellence"... but I'm just sure there's a story about you meeting him and soon thereafter confessing a lifelong dream of becoming a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader and Seth falling instantly head-over-heels... Right? 'Cuz you live for football? And cheerleading? :) (I "peeked" ahead of my chronological reading of your blog... Hope I didn't ignorantly suggest something you've already covered. Perhaps you met when he delivered you from the clutches of a Human-Sized Spider?)
I'm convinced that whatever comes next is guaranteed to be enchanting, insightful, and/or cute!