Monday, March 30, 2009

Random Things I Like

-Hearing Reveille coming from Hill Air Force Base when I leave at just the right time in the morning.

-Sycamore trees

-Finding love notes left by my sweet husband

-TV night

-Having a full tank of gas


-Freshly vacuumed carpet

-Finishing a book

-Using a brand new tube of mascara

-Walking around in my fishing gear

-Getting comments on my blog (hint hint)

-Getting back my monthly status reports at work to see what my boss wrote on it

-Hearing Seth sing in the shower

-Watching Gracie's pupils get really big just before she pounces

-Licking the beaters

-Frozen grapes

-The way my ring sparkles after I have it cleaned

-Having all my shirts ironed and ready to wear (this doesn't happen very often)

-Delicious left-overs in the fridge that I forgot about

-The smell of almond extract

-Getting reviews on my Recipezaar recipes (or someone trying and liking something I suggested)

What random things do YOU like?


heidi said...

*Husbands, for sure! Especially ones that do things sweet and/or adorable.
*My (mountain) bike right after my sweet husband has recently "tuned" it.
*Early Easter basket from my mom, with little-girl "lipsmackers" and sugar gum and Cadbury chocolate eggs.
*Sitting in garden watching tulips bloom, sipping from pot of Hot, SWEET SWEET SWEET tea** with half-read novel in hand. On a chilly sunny day with blanky to keep me company.
*The first bite of a new, spicy- baked-lentils recipe my husband's cooked for me, after the first sip of wine from the bottle his parents just bought for us. (Though sometimes a huge gulp of sparkling water is the sublimest start to the meal!)
*Compliments! (Who doesn't love a sentence beginning, "The thing I really LOVE about you...")
*A "stack" of unread letters or e-letters. Esp. from Collette. (I think this is universal.)

(**NOTE: allusion to favorite Gertrude Stein poem. For the diabetic, or caffeine- sensitive, imagined tea can be herbal, w/ or w/o sugar substitute.)

heidi said...

This deserves its own "entry":
*Bloggers who graciously allow rambling, wordy comments, and, especially:

*Bloggers who create SEVEN posts in TWELVE days!!

Ann said...

-when my little girl smiles at me
-reaching your destination after a long hike.
- Finishing a spin class
- Being able run to the top of a big hill without stopping.
- When my husband gets home from work.
- A hot shower
- Trying new recipes that taste good.
- completing a cross stich
- When my rolls turn out
- when my ironing is done
- the smell of fresh homemade bread, clean laundry, and fireplaces going in the winter time.

Karen said...

Wow keep the comments coming! These are so fun! Heidi you're so funny... I liked your NOTE! hee hee I may have to get that spicy lentil recipe you made mention of... oh and about the 7 posts in 12 days... I'm a bit stunned that I've done so many! A little embarassed actually... I've been really bored these last couple weeks, what can I say?

Annie, quit exercising so much you're making us all look bad! j/k Maybe one day I'll know what it feels like to RUN to the top of a big hill without stopping. At this point I feel good to make it to the top of a big hill at all! Oh and I have to agree with you on 'when the rolls turn out'. Very satisfying!

Kathleen said...

Dear Daughter Karen,
I love your blog stuff. Its been a good way to get to know you. You are a beautiful person and I am glad
Seth caught you.
Love Dad Hanson

Kathleen said...

I hope my comment got through
Let me know.

heidi said...

final installment:
*Dad Hanson and his comments-- sweetest comments ever!