Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Attempt at Being Wifey

As many of you know, Seth will be starting a full time job tomorrow at Northrop Grumman. He is going to be doing this in addition to being a full-time student up at Weber State. Somehow he is going to go to school from 8-12pm and then work from 3-12 am, all while sleeping and eating and doing his homework. I'm overwhelmed just thinking about it and I'm not even the one that has to do it!

Since I will now be spending the weeknights alone, I decided that I will need some motivation to continue to cook dinner when I get home from work. I don't want Seth to have to dig frozen burritos out of the freezer or swing through the drive-through for a hamburger everytime he's hungry, so I'm going to make a concerted effort to at least make his meals easy and delicious (assuming he ever has a chance to eat!)

So, I came up with a plan. I figured if I can plan out my meals for the week and have the menu easily accessible, Seth will know what to look for in the fridge, and it will motivate me to make whatever is on there. I also came up with an idea (with help from my friend the Internets) to make a magnetic chalkboard to put on the front of the fridge. This way my kitchen would look like a fancy bistro and I'd want to plan the meals so I could update my cute chalkboard!

The chalkboard was very easy to make. All I did was get a 1' x 2' sheet of magnet and a can of chalkboard spray paint at the craft store. I lightly sanded one side of the magnet and then sprayed it with two coats of chalkboard paint. Then I waited 24 hours and primed the surface with a coating of chalk. Wha-la! Instant chalkboard! I never make 'crafts' so I was very pleased that it actually worked!

I also decided that you all should be able to reap the benefits of my meal planning, so I'm going to try and post my menu for the week, complete with links to the recipes I use. Most of the stuff I make is tried and true, but I do try to make new things as well. I'll mark the ones I haven't made before so you know. So without further ado... here is this week's menu....

Sunday: Chicken Cordon Bleu with Mushroom Sauce with steamed broccoli

Monday: Macaroni and Cheese with green beans

Tuesday: Tuna Casserole with broccoli

Wednesday: Porcupine Balls with mashed potatoes and steamed carrots (my grandma used to make these, this isn't her recipe though, just one I found I'm going to try)

Weekend: Pepperoni, Mushroom & Onion Calzones (My Pizza Dough Recipe)


Rachel said...

This post warmed my heart. I just want to give you a big hug. Also, I want to make a chalkboard for my fridge. Also, use all of your menu ideas. I get so tired of coming up with things to cook...

heidi said...

Yum! When am I invited for dinner at the bistro? (The chalkboard is so cheerful & pretty!)
It's a splendid idea... Although only my honey plans far enough in advance to use a Formal Posted Menu. (We split up meal-cooking, although he's more consistent and better at it... I've been SURROUNDED by male chefs that surpass me, since birth... my dad, my brother, my husband... But, I'm an appreciative eater!... Learned this from my parents, who always thanked the other for dinner, whoever had cooked... But, I'm never going to "measure up" in the feminine cooking department. I make up for it by... talking a lot! Serving up delicious word meals! And laughing at all joke attempts, whenever I can.)
Also, I set a beautiful table, place mats and the whole deal. (Beautiful but wrinkled. And there's dust in the corners of our house. I feel that such imperfections in the home are a certain sign of "right priorities"-like spending time with loved ones...)
In other words, I'm jealous of your kitchen prowess!