Sunday, December 20, 2009

Boobs & Christmas Trees

A couple weeks ago we went to the tree lot at The Boob Theatre (I'm sure you can see why we call it this) and picked out a little Christmas tree. It was fun, but fairly uneventful, except for the part where Seth used his man-skills to start up the lot owner's 4 wheeler for him. I was so proud.

The Boob Theatre

I just posted this one because he looks insane. He was really just taking the trash out.

Pretending to put the Christmas tree skirt on, even though I'd already done it 5 minutes before this.

The finished product. That is Gracie's new favorite spot. She likes to look at the tree.

We managed to get the tree up and decorated without killing each other, which is always a plus. It looks totally different from last year's.


heidi said...

So pretty and festive! I LOVE the pic of Gracie gazing at the tree. So neat! (I wonder what it looks like to her. Paul thinks she's thinking to herself, "I wonder how soon I can knock this over.")

You look so dang pretty, Kay! I like your winter coat and your sleek jeans.

It's Me said...

I like the reinactment of skirting the tree. Very realistic. :)

heidi said...

p.s. KAREN YOU ARE HILARIOUS!! We just got our Xmas newsletter from you guys. I read it and enjoyed it so much I then read it out LOUD to Paul so I could savor every hilarious word!

Thanks for adding an oodle of chuckles to my day!


Holly said...

I hope you had a very merry Christmas! Your tree is beautiful!