Thursday, December 17, 2009

Streamlined Woman on the Go

I've tried about a billion times to consistently workout early in the morning. Usually I don't even do it for 1 day. I get really pumped up the night before and then when I wake up I'm way too sleepy and end up getting up late like usual.

The thing is, I feel much better working out at night. It's my peak time. But, it's just so hard to come home after working all day long, hungry and tired, and squeeze in a workout. Especially when there's a hungry husband waiting for some grub. The last few weeks have been especially tough for some reason and I knew I had to stop slacking off or I'd lose my motivation completely.

Seth has been working the extreme early shift at work (as in, he has to be to work by 6:00am). For a few weeks I'd been waking up with his alarm and drifting in and out of consciousness for the next hour & a half or so until my alarm went off. I finally decided I might as well get up when he does seeing as how I'm usually more awake then, than I am when I wake up again on my own later. Plus if I actually got up that early, not only would I have time to work out, but I'd also have plenty of time to get ready so I wouldn't be rushing around all morning.

So far I've gotten up early to work out every single day since last Wednesday (well, not counting the weekends... I have to take a break sometime). Somehow the workouts seem harder. Probably because I'm not completely awake yet and my body isn't as warmed up as usual. But I'm slowly getting used to it. Sadly, the apartment gym doesn't open that early so I'm stuck doing DVDs. Which isn't so bad, but I really liked doing the spinning bike and working in a run on the treadmill on occasion (ok I only ran on the treadmill like 3 times).

The good news is, my mornings go a lot smoother now. I get my exercising out of the way so I don't have to worry about doing it later, I'm more consistent, and I actually leave for work on time. The last 2 days I even had time to make myself a smoothie! And I don't feel any more tired or worn out during the day. I guess my point is, if you've got the motivation, working out in the morning is a pretty good way to go. We'll see how long I can keep this up!


Nick Wheeler said...

I've never been able to exercise consistently at all, let alone mornings, until my coworkers started dragging me to the gym at lunch time. It's a great time of day to work out for me, and working out is better than working... so now I've been working out consistently for 3 months. :)

Paul said...

Wow Karen, I am seriously impressed. I have never (with the exception of college, when I had to be in class by 11) gotten exercise in before work! Good on ya! As a matter of fact, I just had a piece of chocolate cheesecake, courtesy of the company, so I will have to ride for an hour tonight. Oh. Joy.

Holly said...

Great job on the morning workouts!

heidi said...

Kay! Can I be honest? Half of me is full of the feeling: HIP HIP HOORAY FOR KAY! And the other half... okay, maybe it's more like a quarter, a very bitchy quarter... feels more like, "Aw shut up! You and your motivation and your athletic diligence and your endless successes!"

OKAY, good! Now that I've gotten that off my chest I feel free to celebrate you EARNESTLY and SINCERELY.

(I think, for the sake of gaining a more accurate perspective, I should start reading your blog in alternation with one of those people who hates to sweat. But please don't feel disinclined to blog about your fitness trials and successes! I'm just congenitally begrudging of facing how diligent others can be. Sometimes Paul will get dressed in his bike clothes, and I'll ask, accusingly, "You're not going for a BIKE RIDE, are you?!" It's my own issue. Like one of those women who hates to see skinny people eat. I feel vaguely accused when others do, with seeming ease, what is hard for me. Although... you said, it's harder to work out in the am, right? So it's a struggle for you, too. Well... we can struggle together.)

Heh. I don't know if I should post this comment; although, I'm not sure what's potentially more offensive... the "b" word, or, the truth of my actual feelings?

I do love you and am proud of your accomplishments. Also, you've inspired me, on occasions when I would otherwise not have, to run! Sometimes I go out and I feel like I have an imaginary Karen Buddy running alongside me. (Or--sometimes--striding far in front. Sometimes I scheme how to outrace you... Can you say "competitive"?!! I have to beat IMAGINARY running buddies. HA! Geez. I recently read how perfectionists--and I'm a recovering one--tend to be quite competitive and hate to lose at anything. Interesting how well that fits, eh?)

Well... end of this little confessional bit of free therapy.

I'm proud of you, sweetheart.