Sunday, December 6, 2009

Wii Won!

So last night Seth and I got all dolled-up and went to my company holiday party. We got to the Hilton hotel downtown at the end of the "social hour" and to our dismay the parking at the hotel was full. So, we hurried and parked across the street in a pay lot. The line to pay at the little kiosk was huge and people are generally clueless about how to use them, so I convinced Seth to just forget about it... we'd come back and pay later.

We get inside, find a table and go about eating and socializing with my co-workers. After a lag in the conversation, Seth decides he should go pay the parking fee and I go stand in line to get us some drinks.

When I finally got back into the main dining room, I noticed they'd started calling out names for a prize drawing. I walked over to our table and everybody was like, "Karen! They called your name! Go up there!" At first I thought they were just screwing with me, but then realized they were being serious. "What? What did I win?" "Just go up to the front of the room and draw a number!"

So I walk up to the front and draw a card from the lady standing there and wait for a moment with all the other "contestants." About this time Seth comes back and has a confused look on his face. I motion for him to come over and proceed to tell him they'd picked us to compete in a dance contest. I wait until I see the panicked look on his face before I tell him that no, we're not really in a dance contest, I've just won something and I'm waiting to find out what it is. He breathes a sigh of relief, tells me to win the Wii, and sits back down at the table.

I'd chosen prize #4 so it didn't take them long to get to my number... yup, you guessed it! I won the Wii! It was awesome! I never win anything! (ok except for that one time when I was like 8 years old and won a giant box of chocolates from Kara Chocolates at the mall). Anyway, we'd kind of been wanting a Wii, but not bad enough to actually fork out the money to buy one (hello, fishing stuff is way more important), but now we have one and it was FREE! Sweet! I hooked it up last night but we didn't actually play it. We just relaxed and basked in the faint glow of its gloriousness. Or maybe it was just the red "power" indicator light.

Anyway, we're totally going to be onto you if you suddenly start coming over to visit us. And we decided we're cool with that.


Budsly said...

Sweet! I'm definately coming over. I've been thinking about getting one for Eric, but like you said, there are always other things to be had instead. Maybe someday,...when it isn't cool anymore:)

Denise said...

I guess that means you don't want the Nintendo and Atari games I've been storing in the basement for you all these years.

Holly said...

That is so awesome that you won a Wii! I want to see photos of you and Seth playing! :)

Karen said...

You still have the Nintendo?! I thought it disappeared years ago! I would love to have it if it's still around. Not that Atari though. Ataris are for nerds.

Anyway, we'll have to bring the Wii to the next family function. You guys would love it :)