Tuesday, February 16, 2010

These Mutilated Home-Made Tortillas are a Product of My Love for You

Seth and I don't usually make a big deal out of Valentine's Day. We do celebrate, but try to keep things under control. This year we kind of spread the festivities over the weekend, mainly because we felt like it.

On Saturday morning Seth got called in to work. I was kind of bummed but figured it'd give me some time to run some errands and such. He left at about 7:00am or so and I stayed in bed to get in a bit more weekend sleep. About a half hour later I hear the door open and from the living room Seth says, "Are you awake?" "Yeah" "I forgot my phone" "Ok. See you later." So I stay in bed for another half hour or so and then get up and flop down the hall to the kitchen to get some breakfast. To my surprise, there was a dozen roses sitting in a vase up on the counter and a card from Seth. Ah! He tricked me! He DID have to work, but the phone bit was made up. Seth always manages to surprise me with things like that. And he always writes the sweetest notes. What a great guy.

Later that evening when he got home, I made Seth's favorites for dinner: grilled ribeye steak with sauted mushrooms, cauliflower mash, and steamed asparagus. Delicious!

The next morning on the REAL Valentine's Day, I made some heart-shaped banana pancakes and bacon for breakfast. I made some strawberry sauce to go on it too, but I think the strawberries had been in the freezer for way too long and they tasted funny, so we stuck with syrup to avoid the risk of explosive diarrhea. Nothing kills the mood of Valentine's Day like explosive diarrhea.

Then it was onto the most romantic Valentine's Day date ever.... fly-fishing! Yeah! We went up to the Devil's Slide area on the Weber River and for once we got some love from the fish. We always have a hard time catching anything during the winter, but we both managed to catch several browns and whiteys. We had a great time. Also, just for the record, I caught 2 fish at the same time... AGAIN! Can you believe it? We'd been fishing for a few minutes when Seth says, "Got any bites yet?" And BAM! I hooked a big one! But wait... there were two fish! Turned out to be a big whitey on the top fly and a little brown on the bottom. It was awesome! And for any of you who are interested, I caught the whitey on a rubber leg copper john (from an assortment of flies given to us from Collette & Marty!) and the brown took a tiny #20 olive clear bead-head zebra midge tied by the great Seth himself.

We were pretty hungry by the time we got home so I decided to make us some tortillas with refried beans and mozzarella. My tortillas were a little sad. Don't laugh.

So that was the end of our little Valentine's Day extravaganza. It's kind of fun to do something special for each other every so often. I love you Seth!


Nick Wheeler said...

"These Mutilated Home-made Tortillas are a Product of my Love for You"

Best post title ever. And happy late Valentine's day!

It's Me said...

It's funny that you made tortillas...I just bought a tortilla press yesterday. Haven't tried it out yet, we'll see.

You are hilarious. I don't know how you come up with these things.

Karen said...

I can't believe you just got a tortilla press! Are they expensive? Also, I used Masa flour which is basically Bisquick for tortillas. Just add a little salt and water and you're done. The shaping part however was not so easy...

Holly said...

Beautiful roses! The pancakes look wonderful!

Rachel said...

Awwww, love. It makes me feel all smiley inside. Also: "Nothing kills the mood of valentine's day like explosive diarrhea." LOL.