Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Today's Special: Three Days of Deliciousness

Sunday: Italian Baked Trout with Stuffing & Steamed Brussels Sprouts- I tried baking the trout with Italian dressing on it this time. I think I should've let it marinate longer though because we couldn't taste it all that well. Also, I used Stove-Top stuffing. That's right... it takes about 7 minutes total and tastes so good! Had I known this I would've been making Stove-Top stuffing years ago!

Monday: Caramelized Onion and White Bean Flatbread- New Recipe. I was very pleasantly surprised by this. I thought white beans on pizza would be weird, but not so. The white beans are pureed with caramelized onion and used as the "sauce." When I first tasted the mixture I wanted to just eat it all plain, it was that good. Also, the recipe calls for fresh or dried oregano. I had some fresh thyme left over from last week so I used that instead. It was really good. I'd try to avoid using dried herbs in this recipe. I don't think this would've tasted near as good had I used dried. Also, I used a Boboli whole wheat pizza crust. It worked really well. I pre-baked it for about 5 minutes before putting all the toppings on so it would be a bit crispier. This was my first experience using smoked gouda as well. It's got a nice strong flavor, so I would avoid substituting it with something milder like mozzarella. I'm sure I will make this again. This is probably the best pizza I've made for a while.

Tuesday: Bean & Cheese Enchiladas- This is another one of my good old standbys. Extremely fast and easy to make. Great for a busy weeknight. The recipe tells you to make your own refried beans, but I just buy a 15oz. can and mix it up with the cheese, onions and a small can of green chillies. It's the cheater way.

Bonus: Chocolate Dipped Clementines- New Recipe. So I had a bunch of clementines to get rid of before they went bad so I thought, what better way to entice eating them than to dip them in chocolate? These were incredibly easy to make and were so delicious. I used a Ghiradelli bittersweet chocolate because I like my chocolate like I like my men.... Dark. And covered in sea salt. HA! Anyway, these were super good and I highly recommend them. Plus they don't have any calories because the healthiness of the clementines cancels out the high dessertiness of the chocolate. So it's a win-win.


It's Me said...

I'm going to try that pizza. It sounds interesting. I'll have to wait for a bit so that I can get all the gourmet ingredients though. Geez!

Also, I made your Asian Brothy Noodles from a few weeks ago for dinner tonight - you know I like anything Asian (HA!)...and LIKED it and so did everyone else. I used pork though and didn't use reduced sodium broth or soy sauce (just regular boulion) and I should have. It was way too salty. I just watered it down so it turned out fine.

Also, I halved the recipe which I shouldn't have done. Everyone had tiny portions, but don't worry we made up for it up with bowls of ice cream so it's all good. Yes, I know, eat healthy then splurge on ice cream. I think this also falls into the cancelation of calories category right?

Anyway thanks for the recipes. I'm really liking all the reviews and pics!

heidi said...

HEY HEY HEY NO WAY! I MADE THE BROTHY NOODLES TOO!! But I'll have to share about that later. I actually just flipped to the comment page in order to "ditto" my own self in terms of everything I commented on the LAST post about what a hysterically, incorrigibly adorable riot you are. Sea salt! HA!

(I LOVE the idea that we're honoring your Grandpa by writing "HA")

HA! And kisses to you for being so dang cute. And for sharing such nummy recipes with us!

More brothy news to follow soonish. XO-H.

Budsly said...

I can't believe you just discovered Stove Top! We love it at my house. Eric prefers it over any other stuffing....even homemade.

I'll have to try the pizza. It sounds wierd, and I probably wouldn't try it otherwise, but I'll take a chance, and let you know how it goes.