Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Snowshoeing Adventure for the Ages

This week Seth's sister, Collette, called him up and said that she and her husband, Marty, were coming down from Idaho to spend the Saturday with us. Sweet! A wonderful unexpected surprise. We weren't really sure what we were going to do with it being winter and all, but eventually came up with a plan to go snowshoeing.

Seth and I drive by the Snowbasin ski resort on a regular basis when we go out fishing. It always looks incredibly beautiful up there, so we thought it might be a good place to go. To our surprise they had a whole bunch of FREE "Nordic Trails" for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. So, we rented some snowshoes and trekking poles from Weber State and went up to Snowbasin.

We had a great time exploring a couple of the trails and I was surprised to see how few people were using them. We only passed one other person the whole time! It was a beautiful warm day and perfect for going for a wintertime hike.

Aren't they so cute?

Nordic Man

So this was the only group shot of the day. The camera moved when I pushed the button. I only had 10 seconds to run over there in my giant snowshoes. It was the best I could do ok?

After spending a couple hours at Snowbasin we headed a little further up Weber Canyon to Taggart's Grill... one of our favorite restaurants. They have the best hamburgers and fries ever. And according to Collette, their enchiladas aren't too shabby either! We all happily ate way too much and had a great time talking.

Thanks for coming down to see us Collette and Marty! Best grown-up double date ever!


Budsly said...

That does look really fun. I've been wanting to go cross country skiing all winter. Maybe I'll make Eric take me this week. He'll of course have to carry Belen, as my coordination/skiing skills are not such as to be carrying 20lbs of child on me. Thanks for the heads up to a great spot to go! I'm excited.

It's Me said...

Looks fun! I do have a question... Snowshoeing for the ages? Did that just sound cool or am I missing something? :)

collette said...

We had a such a great time! Thanks for doing the outfitting, Seth and Karen. Thanks also for documenting the experience. Great pics. :D

The Butler Clan said...

looks like fun! Cody and I love to snowshoe and cross country ski. Try Mill Creek Canyon, you have to pay to enter the canyon (totally worth the money for a season pass (like $20 is all) because it is awesome running/hiking/winter snowshoeing/
cross country skiing/ sight seeing/ etc. etc. We miss it down there, I enjoyed the pictures, it made me miss our little home at the base of the canyons down there. Enjoy them for me!

Holly said...

Looks like a blast! I've always wanted to try snowshoeing.