Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bragging Rights

I'm going to use this weeks' Thursday 13 to brag about my dad a little. He has been into photography for years and has some of the best work I've seen. I constantly compare his work to the photographs I see in little art galleries and boutiques and his is always at least equal to or far better. He rarely does any editing on his photos and doesn't use a lot of the color filters and such that a lot of people use. He is very skilled at knowing how to compose a photograph and how to use his camera. He puts in the time and effort it takes to be great and it definitely shows.

I've chosen 13 of his photographs that are my favorites. This was incredibly hard to do. Almost impossible. See what I mean by looking through his stuff over on Flickr (or you can click on "Dad's Pictures" on my Blogroll)----->














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jehara said...

Those are some awesome photos! I really like the first, second and tenth ones the best. Thanks for sharing.

Janet said...

um...WOW!!! Amazing!

CountryDew said...

Wow, your dad is great with a camera. I really like the night shots. Excellent.

It's Me said...

I love looking at Dad's photos. It seriously amazes me. They are so inspiring and just show what a lot of hard work can accomplish. I agree it would be hard to choose just 13!

Jennifer said...

Best photos I've EVER seen. Amazing...

Thanks for visiting my blog :)

Holly said...

These are absolutely stunning! Your dad is incredibly talented - I'm SO impressed!

Americanising Desi said...

too good!

Ranting n Panting

colleen said...

You should brag. These are National Geographic quality. I hope he has a venue for them.

Allison Claire said...

Very cool! He is such an amazing photographer, it's nice to be able to see some of his photos!

heidi said...

OH my GOD! Karen, I wish I had half those photos for myself! Especially the barn one with all the blue and gold tones. I love blue & yellow, together. Just over-the-moon crazy for that combo.

I hope he's starts sellin' em! So I could own that print. And, so your folks could retire rich. (And buy you a house in Boise with their spare change. :D)

Rachel said...

Oh my goodness. These are beautiful. I think my favorite is the tree...