Friday, May 21, 2010

The Best Thing Since Sliced... Rice Krispy Treats?

It was an unexpected surprise to hear we would be provided with catered snacks for both the morning and afternoon breaks during a special training class at work this week.

Everyone started out somewhat modestly, not wanting to be the first one to raid the snack table. As the week went on I decided instead of sitting there getting agitated waiting for someone to give the "OK" I'd delve in right away in order to eliminate the "I don't want to look like a pig syndrome" everyone seemed to be suffering from. Since I was the only girl in the group, I figured they'd see me as the 'manners authority' and follow suit of whatever I did. And if not, at least I'd get first dibs on the snacks.

I was happy to see my plan worked flawlessly. As soon as I came in and started stuffing my face, everyone else followed suit. It completely rid us of the awkward snack tension. Score.

On the last day of training during our afternoon break, we were happy to see they'd left us giant rice krispy treats. These things were huge. Like the size of bricks. Or at least half of a brick. At any rate, you could've built a house with them. So as per the established method, I walked over and grabbed one of these gargantuan rice krispy treats for myself and sat down to start eating. Everyone else grabbed one as well, but they also grabbed plastic knives too. I watched as they sliced off thin pieces of their treats and ate them as if slicing and eating a loaf of bread.

I wondered if maybe the treats were too hard to bite so I tested mine out. I picked it up and took a bite off the corner of the cube. Delicious. And not hard at all. Why were these people meticulously slicing off pieces of theirs? It looked like a lot more work than just picking the thing up and eating it.

At this point one of my co-workers said something about me not being able to fit the whole thing in my mouth so of course I proved him wrong by taking a huge bite. I laughed and kept eating my rice krispy treat, one bite at a time. I thought maybe picking up my treat and eating it like normal would once again give these guys "permission" to do the same, but no. Every single one of them continued to fight with their treats and slice off pieces bit by bit. It was insane.

Maybe I should have followed suit. Maybe I was the one with bad manners. But dammit I've never in my life eaten a rice krispy treat using a knife and I'm sure as hell not starting now. *belch*


Nick Wheeler said...

Haha. I agree. Eating Rice Krispy treats should absolutely not involve a knife.:)

Paul said...

I have never seen such an abonination and I hope I never will!

For the record, you are brilliant. I now want a rice crispy treat house. Only, no doors or windows so that whenever I want to leave or look outside I have to eat my way.

heidi said...

My husband is right. You ARE brilliant. And so is he. EATING RICE KRISPY TREATS WITH A KNIFE IS A TOTAL ABOMINATION! What's next? Corn on the cob, sliced off to make it all yucky and sucky? Apples made into mush and slurped down?

Eating daintily is a slippery slope. If we don't want to all end up drinking our food--or having it delivered intravenously, even daintier yet--we should all applaud and imitate your Very Brave Stand.

(And, bravo to you for going firstsies! Very brave of introverted You.)

Your Serious Supporter--


Rachel said...

I would never have thought of eating a gigantic rice crispy treat with a knife, but I actually think it sounds quite charming. It's something I will have to try, for sure.

I like the image of a room full of men and one beautiful woman, the men all with cloth napkins in their laps, using a knife and fork to politely consume their Krispy Treates, while the beautiful woman picks it up with both hands and rips off a chunk with her teeth.

Rachel said...

Also, loved the last line followed by a belch.

Holly said...

LOL! Who uses a knife to eat Rice Krispy bars? That is absolutely ridiculous! I seriously have the giggles just thinking about all those guys cutting their bars up into little pieces!

Have you ever seen the Seinfeld where everyone is eating their candybars with knives and forks?

Karen said...

It WAS exactly like that Seinfeld episode! Ha ha! That's too funny!

Also, now I want a rice krispy treat house.