Saturday, May 15, 2010

Don't Read This if You Are Offended by Cleavage and/or Short Hair

So I decided to cut my hair again. My last haircut was just too high-maintenance. And it looked like a horrible mullet in the morning. Or any other time I didn't spend a full half-hour on it. So I went crazy and did something I've wanted to do for a long time... I chopped it off.

My inspiration?
(I always have to yell her name like Steve Carell does when he's getting his chest waxed on "40 Year Old Virgin.)

Wow, now THAT is a lot of cleavage. (Gotta get my male readership up somehow.)

Now that my hair looks like hers, I just gotta find out where she got that dress...


Budsly said...

I like it. Very cute. I think it looks much better than the last cut.

It's Me said...

I love short hair and cleavage. Why do you think I married J.R.? Ha! Ha! Looks good! You are my new hero. I always chicken out on short cuts, but I'd love to try it sometime. I mean it's just hair! Anyway it's cute and it makes you look older (not in a bad way)

Karen said...

HA! Corinne you're killing me over here! JR does have a nice rack.

But yeah thanks a lot you guys. I hear what you're saying... my other haircut looked like crap and now I look like an old lady. I'm gonna go cry myself to sleep over here on my huge old lady pillow (can I have a glass of warm milk?)

Allison Claire said...

I think your hair looks great! Very cute. And I am laughing my butt off at Corinne's comment! JR and his cleavage. hahahahaha

heidi said...

YAY, KAREN! The new length is so sexy! And the color is fabulous. Makes your eyes pop. (Even if it was the same color before, changing the length kinda changes the effect of the color, you know what I mean?) Good for you for having the guts to chop it! It looks like a lot less work. It's a very daring 'do. :D

BUT I also liked the last cut a lot. (Luckily, you can devote your extra freetime with the low-maintenance cut to creating lots of exciting, riveting posts!)

Oh! I hope you find the *dress*. It's delicious.


Holly said...

Your hair is WONDERFUL! So cute!

Rachel said...

Wow! Check out those boobs! Could those possibly be real? Do you think there was a lot of tape involved? the haircut. That's one of my favorite styles. And you look beautiful with any cut.