Thursday, June 17, 2010

Get in the Kitchen and Bake Me a Pie

For a couple years now I've been living with the stove/oven from hell. It's old. It's ugly. The oven temperature settings are off by +50 degrees. The heat seal around the door is bad which caused the cabinet to turn black. There is no window to look inside the oven while baking. The stove coils are not removable and don't sit flat. And there's only ONE large coil and 3 small ones. It's amazing I can cook any edible food at all because it's pretty much the worst stove ever.

This week Seth and I needed to renew our lease and I finally decided to gripe about this stupid oven and try to get a new one. At first they just offered to send in a serviceman to look at it and I was crushed. But after the serviceman gave it a look over, he decided it was junk and installed a new one. Praise the Lord!

You guys, I came home from work yesterday and as soon as I opened the door I heard angels singing from the heavens. There, glistening in all its wonderful glory (I'm pretty sure I saw a large halo over it), was my new stove. A brand new white stove already installed and waiting just for ME. And it has TWO large coils on the stovetop. And a window AND light in the oven. And removable coils. And a timer and clock.

I raved and raved to Seth all night long about my fabulous new stove. How beautiful it is and how wonderful all these features are. How clean and bright it makes the kitchen look. And look at these biscuits I made for dinner, don't they look AMAZING? I could tell they were baked perfectly because I looked at them through the oven WINDOW!

Oh new oven, how I love thee. Let us never part! (until we move) *tear*


Paul said...

Oh goodness. I completely relate. Baking is one instance in which it is PERFECTLY REASONABLE to blame your tools! We've gotten lucky and I actually love our 50 yr old range. It luckily has stayed in good shape.

Congrats and I look forward to many pics of pies, cakes, breads and ... um ... shrinky dinks!

Budsly said...

It's soo nice to have tools that work! Since I got my new kitchen, cooking has been much more enjoyable. Just wait until you get more counter space and a dishwasher :) Happy Cooking!!!

Holly said...

You are so cute! I'm so very happy for you and the new stove!