Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thursday 13: Things That Must Go

  1. "Yellow" trucking company and their ORANGE trucks.
  2. Fast food places (i.e. Taco Bell) reinventing the taco every week. It's all the same thing! 
  3. Cabelas Catalogs... seriously guys, this is getting ridiculous. First the mother-of-all Cabelas catalogs. As if that weren't enough, we've recently received the following individual catalogs: fishing, fly-fishing, archery, hunting, men's fashion, camping, and boating. I'm sure there are more than that. Seth actually made a comment the other day about how he thought maybe Cabelas had gone out of business because we hadn't received any catalogs lately. I informed him we had in fact received two that week already... I'd just picked up the mail so he hadn't seen them. I half expect to see the following catalogs from Cabelas sometime soon: elephant safari, deep sea fishing for great white sharks, night vision special, and taxidermy.
  4. Women's clothes being twice the price of Men's (and they still don't fit right).
  5. The built in bagging scale on the 'self-checkout' lanes at the grocery store. I scanned the stupid item... why you need to verify it's sitting in a bag? If I wanted to steal said item, I would have!
  6. And along those same lines... grocery stores that get rid of all but two standard checkout lanes (one of which is 10 items or less) and have 15 other self-checkout lanes (all filled with people who couldn't check their own groceries if their lives depended on it). Can you tell I'm the one who does the grocery shopping?
  7. Cell phone companies still charging by the minute and for every single little application. Maybe I would buy your stupid iphone if I didn't have to give you the equivalent of a monthly mortgage in usage fees each month. Until you charge reasonable rates for these minuscule services, I'm keeping my outdated flip phone with accompanying antenna. Go ahead and try and take it from me. I dare you.
  8. Also related to cell phones is the slang word for application or "App." I hate that word. "Apps" this and "apps" that. You can take your stupid "apps" and stick 'em where the sun don't shine.
  9. Refilling my flour container. Or sugar. Or anything that requires me to pour out of one of those giant dog-food type bags. It's impossible to do this transfer without creating a white powdery mess.
  10. Twitter. The most pointless and annoying invention ever.
  11. The Redbox a block away from our apartment that never EVER works.
  12. The typical sunscreen smell. I don't know what chemical gives it that smell but I hate it. Maybe I've just been conditioned to hate it because I'm forced to wear sunscreen wherever I go. Why haven't they invented a sunscreen pill yet? It would probably cause abdominal cramping and cottonmouth, but at least it wouldn't smell or drip into my eyes and sting.
  13. Cleaning my computer keyboard. It's pretty much impossible. They need to make these things machine washable.
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Gel said...

I agree with several on your list. I chuckled with empathy on some of them. Terrific T-13!

Budsly said...

I too HATE refilling the flour, sugar, etc. Whenever I can, I use my charming skills and get my husband to do it for me!!!

YummY! said...

As someone who often has to run a register as part of my job, those self checkouts make me fear for my future.

Jia said...

Accolan makes so much less mess refilling hte flour and sugar than I do

It's Me said...

Love your list. You are absolutely right about everything. So do you like Self Checkout or not? In theory it seems like a good idea, but I am so slow, it takes way less time for me to just stand in line and get a cashier.

Holly said...

LOVED this list! Amen to #4! LOL - "giant dog food type bags"!