Monday, August 9, 2010

Today's Special: Smoked Salmon Burgers, Cobb Salad Pizza, Spaghetti w/ Clams & Corn, Grilled Pork Loin, & Red Velvet Cupcakes

Smoked Salmon Burgers- New Recipe. These turned out really good. The avocado mayo mixture was tangy and went well with the salmon. If you don't like fishy stuff, smoked salmon is not for you. I think regular grilled salmon would work well as a less-fishy substitute.

Cobb Salad Pizza- New Recipe. This was my first time using one of the refrigerated pizza doughs. I thought it was pretty good and would use it again. The pizza was good but the lack of sauce made it so the toppings fell off really easily. I'm not sure what I'd do to remedy that as regular pizza sauce wouldn't taste that good. I know it's not exactly healthy, but maybe ranch dressing or something like that would work. It may also work a little better to shred the chicken instead of cutting it into cubes because then the chicken's center of gravity would be lower and it wouldn't topple over the side of the pizza slice so easily. There are a lot of physics involved in cooking.

Spaghetti with Clams and Corn- New Recipe. I should've listen to the reviews on this one. There were only a couple reviews, but they all said this was too bland. I thought, " How could it be bland with all those onions and fresh herbs?" Somehow it was. It wasn't bad by any means, just not that great either. Too bad.

Grilled Pork Loin- No recipe. So I just bought a pre-marinated pork loin at the grocery store and threw it on the grill. Made some Rice-a-Roni and there's dinner!

Red Velvet Cupcakes- New Recipe. I made these and brought them to work for a birthday treat and all those guys raved all day long about how they were the best cupcakes they'd ever had in their entire lives and what did I do to them to make them so delicious and what's in the frosting and on and on and on. So they were good. Even though I don't like Bobby Flay and think he's a douche.


Nick Wheeler said...

"Even though I don't like Bobby Flay and think he's a douche."


Paul said...

As much as I hate piling on Bobby Flay ... eh who am I kidding ... he's a douche.

Although I may try those cupcakes. Red velvet cake always makes me feel strange. They look like they're alive and may start bleeding on me.

Karen said...

I'm glad I'm not alone in my Bobby Flay doucheyness opinion.

And Paul, at least if the cupcakes bleed on you, you'll know it'll be the most delicious blood ever!

Paul said...

Blood? Delicious?

I knew it! You're a vampire! Vapiress? Vampatrix? Ms. Vampire?

Holly said...

"There are a lot of physics involved in cooking" - LOL! I loved that line. :)

The cupcakes look so cute! :)