Saturday, January 14, 2012

Week 8: Raspberry

Written week of December 18, 2011

Well I'm happy to report that things are starting to feel better around here. I still feel slightly nauseous, but not near as bad as it has been the last couple weeks. I do feel more tired these days but don't have that same lingering disinterest in all things as I did previously.

I forgot to mention this last week, but my pants seemingly got too tight overnight and I had to go spring for a few new pairs. Kind of weird to be wearing a larger size than I ever have in my life. But it's for a good cause. Plus I need to breathe. I'm a little surprised to be able to see a little bump so soon. I thought I wouldn't see anything for a least several more weeks. Also, how come nobody ever mentions the almost instantaneous drastic changes on the digestive system? Probably half this bump is from all the gas stored up in there. Geez. Oh and don't expect to be your "regular" self. Ok I'll stop there.


heidi said...

I LOVE these multiple reports coming fast and furiously. I was so hoping there'd be a new one today and I was right!!

I giggled at the commenter's suggestion about a tiny tike fishing rod. (Reminded me, we have friends who are big Cubs fans, and the dad, I think, had bought a catcher's mitt for their son before he was an entire month old! :) Nice to share what you love.)

Glad the discomfort was easing up around this time... hey! HA! Regular self. I think I get it.

Hmm. People do this on purpose?

Rachel said...

I always had problems with constipation here!