Friday, February 3, 2012

I Can Vouch for That

I realized I haven't done product reviews for a while, so I thought I'd give you an update on some of my new favorite things:

Secret Clinical Strength Waterproof Antiperspirant/Deodorant
(All-day Fresh Scent)

So I'd been using the same Mitchum unscented antiperspirant for a long time because I just couldn't find anything else that I really liked. Problem was, even though that stuff was unscented, it still had a slight scent and I came to associate it with BO smell. I could never wear my shirts more than once because I thought they smelled weird. It also stained the armpits yellow in  my white shirts. Plus it just seemed like it wasn't working that great anymore. Thus began my search for a new deodorant.

Lucky for me I just happened to find this awesome deodorant on my first venture out into the new deodorant world. I had previously snubbed Secret brand because I hated their scents. This goes with most of the other woman deodorant brands as well. But, I saw this new clinical strength stuff that had a higher aluminum content than most other women's antiperspirants, so that immediately intrigued me. After smelling the very mild "fresh scent" that was neither fruity, flowery, or baby-powderesque, I knew I had a winner.

Now, I'm not sure why this stuff works so well, but it seems to work much better than the Mitchum, even though it has less aluminum. I swear my pits never get so much as damp. When I smell the pits on my shirts at the end of the day, I can smell the very mild "fresh scent" but it's not overwhelming or laced with BO. I can wear my shirts more than once! Plus this doesn't stain my clothes. Compared to other brands this is a little on the pricey side, but I'd say it's well worth it. It keeps my pits dry, keeps me & my clothes smelling great, and it's easy to find! Winner!

Grocery iQ App

So I have a few apps I use on my Galaxy S Android phone, but this is by far my favorite. I know it sounds boring, but this thing saves me so much time. It's basically a grocery/shopping list maker, but it takes it to a whole new level.

I use this as mainly my grocery shopping list, though you can create lists for different stores, so I also have lists for the hardware store and Target. For each store you can add or remove isles AND put them in the order they are in that particular store. This alone saves me a ton of time. When adding items to your list you can either type them in or scan the bar code of the item to enter it. This comes in handy as I can just scan the empty box of an item I've just run out of and immediately put it onto my shopping list on my phone (since I always have my phone with me!). It is generally pretty easy to find items listed in the app's memory where they are already categorized by item type, but it's also simple to add your own item if it isn't listed. You can change the isle the item is located in and note anything special about it such as size, quantity, type, etc. You can also put in a price so you know how much it typically costs, thus avoiding paying too much on future trips. This app also makes it really convenient to add items you buy all the time. Just mark the item as a Favorite, then go down your favorites list and check all the things you want to buy such as milk, eggs, cheese, etc. and it will quickly add them all to the list.

Not only does this app make it easy to make a list, it also makes it so easy to shop. Since each item is classified by category and isle, you can go from one end of the store to the other without missing anything. And it's hard to miss an item because as soon as you put the item in your cart, you check the item off and it moves it to the bottom of the list to your "shopping cart." This means your list shrinks as you shop and doesn't get all cluttered with scribbles and lined out items. 

I can't say that I like grocery shopping these days, but it is a heck of a lot easier, faster, and "fun" using this app.  Best of all, if you've got a smartphone, it's FREE!!

The Library

I hate to think of all the years I wasted not going to the library. All that money spent on books that would never get picked up again. Books that just took up space and made moving more difficult. Now I don't hate books mind you, I just think that unless it's something you'll be using or reading more than once, it's a waste of money to buy it when you can get it for free!
Now because I didn't visit the library for so many years, I had no idea of all the technological advancements made in the book checking out process. When I finally went back I was astounded at just how easy it is to find and read the books I want! Luckily the library has adopted the use of the Internets. I can now search online for books & other media I want, put a hold on them, and renew books I haven't quite finished. Even better, I get e-mail notifications when books I've put on hold are available and when books I've checked out are almost due. No late fees! No guessing! No phone calls or needless trips! So if you haven't utilized your local library for a while "check it out!" HA!

L'Oreal Everpure Sulfate-Free Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner

My hair and scalp are always at odds with me, especially during the winter. My hair tends to get super staticky no matter how much product I put in and my scalp always itches like crazy. I always tried to solve the itchiness problem by using a dry scalp shampoo and it never seemed to help and usually made the problem worse. As far as the staticky hair goes, I tried everything from hair serums, to lotion, to dryer sheets (which actually works pretty well, by the way) but nothing ever seemed to last more than a couple hours. Finally one day I decided to go the opposite direction of what I'd always done. Having oily, fine hair I'd always been told to stay away from moisturizing shampoos as they tend to weigh the hair down. But, I figured there was nothing to lose and gave this shampoo/conditioner duo a shot.

Immediately I noticed a reduction in how itchy my scalp was. I think the combination of having a sulfate-free shampoo along with the intense moisturizing properties of it worked wonders for my hair and scalp. I no longer have an itchy scalp and this is the first winter in a long time when I haven't had the constant problem of staticky fly-away hair. I really think the shampoo is this duo is the real magic maker, but I really love the smell of both products and they work well together moisturizing my hair just enough without making it feel heavy and limp. Anytime I use a different shampoo I can tell the difference. My hair doesn't feel as smooth and the itchiness returns. These aren't the cheapest products around, but so far, they're the only thing I've found that'll work with my crazy hair. I'm typically a shampoo/conditioner fanatic and have a hard time sticking with just one kind. Ever since I started using these my wander-lust has disappeared. I think I'm converted for life.


Rachel said...

I tried the magical shampoo when I was visiting one time and did love it. It's such a high quality I had to use waaaay less than I do of my cheapy Suave shampoo.

I would also like to second your endorsement of libraries, and not only because an endorsement of libraries is an endorsement of my husband's career. Thanks to libraries, you can read pretty much any book in the world-- FOR FREE. That's pretty magical.

And when I get myself a fancy phone, I will definitely get myself that grocery shopping app.

Excellent round of reviews!

Karen said...

Lol even though I always bring my own shampoo and such when I visit people, I totally try any fancy potions they might have (whilst putting the bottle back EXACTLY as I found it). I can't help it, I'm a magic potion fanatic.

Yeah, the FREE books is totally why I do the library thing. Seems like a no-brainer, esp. for audiobooks... those things are so expensive! I have been shocked SHOCKED at how many books they have. Probably 99% of the time they have what I want and if they don't I find something else that looks equally as good to distract me from what I was looking for in the first place.

Also, in case you need an excuse to get a fancy phone, it will make you more organized and less stressed. It practically pays for itself in saved time. :D