Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Week 16: Avocado

Geez time is going by fast! Week 16 already! I've gotten a little behind on the baby tracking, but it was sort of on purpose because not much has changed here in the last couple weeks. I've been in the sweet spot of no nausea and no other real ailments to speak of really. My back is pretty much the only thing that gives me any sort of problem and that's typically only after I've been sleeping for a while or if I've been sitting at my desk all day.

I notice that laying on my stomach is getting to be increasingly more uncomfortable and is it possible that I'm waddling? I swear I'm not that big yet but I feel like I've got a slight waddle to my walk these days.
I think the one thing that has greatly improved my quality of life over the last couple weeks is some new maternity clothes! The Walmart maternity jeans I ordered online fit great! Good thing they came when they did because this belly of mine was getting huger by the day. AND if that wasn't enough, my wonderful saint of a mother took me up to Park City to the Motherhood Maternity outlet store to find some new comfy clothes. After the horribly disappointing and frustrating shopping fiasco I had a week or so before, I was a little skeptical as to whether I'd be able to find anything. Imagine my delight and surprise when from my first steps into the store I was inundated with hoards of super cute clothes! JEANS! And t-shirts!! So many options! I had to try hard not to go overboard with my selections because they had so many things I liked that fit so well. It was worth the 50 minute drive to find one store that had everything I wanted. Plus the girl working there was so helpful. Really one of the best shopping experiences I've ever had. That's not to mention how much better I feel actually wearing all these new clothes. I feel so comfy AND stylish, not like some chunky, lumpy stuffed sausage waddling around. I swear my mood alone has improved at least 10 notches! I may just wear these clothes forever.

Other than that, we're slowly but surely getting the nursery put together. I still haven't decided on colors, but this weekend we finally moved the computer and most of the office things downstairs. Now I just need to put together that IKEA dresser we bought several weeks ago. I've also had the realization that having a baby is a lot like buying a house. You know there are going to be a lot of things you'll have to buy and things you have to prepare for, but I'm finding out just how huge of a task this is going to be. So many little furniture items and baby clothes and knick knacks. As soon as I decide on one item, I remember some other item I completely forgot about. "Oh yeah, guess we'll need to get a car seat to actually bring this kid home" or "Huh... probably should get a changing pad so we don't get poop on the carpet." It does make me feel better to know that I'll have a couple extra months to buy some of this stuff after the baby is born (because I'm sure I'll have LOADS of extra time). Things like high chairs and play pens and the like can take a backseat to other pressing items like a crib and onesies.

Well, we've got probably about 3-4 more weeks to go until we find out if this avocado is a boy or a girl. I have my next doctor appointment this coming Monday so I'm hoping we'll get to schedule the ultrasound then. So exciting!


Rachel said...

I'm so happy you've found some good maternity clothes! TOTALLY worth it. And I'm super excited to hear "what" you're having. My dad swears it's a boy.