Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Week 13: Peach

Well I've officially made it to my 2nd trimester! I can definitely tell already. I'd heard that nausea usually dissipates around this time and almost like clockwork, it did! Even my evening bouts haven't been around the last few nights. It's about time!

Luckily both the symptoms I mentioned last week... the tooth sensitivity and leg itchiness, have both gone away. So crazy. While most of the more severe symptoms have gone away, I've still got a couple lingering. One is a never-ending thirstiness. I'm so damn thirsty all the time. There's no quenching it. The other is backpain. I've had backpain since the earliest weeks. During the day I'm usually fine, it's sleeping that brings it on. After about 6 hours or so my lower back is killing me and I just toss and turn. I've tried sleeping with a body pillow or with a pillow between my knees but I can't stand sleeping like that and it also makes me really hot. Oh that's another thing... I get so hot at night! I always wake up just sweating! So if you've got tips for me I'm all ears. On a more positive note, at least it helps me wake up on time in the morning. No more sleeping in for me!

So these last couple weeks I've really noticed my belly start to pop (maybe one of these days I'll actually take some pictures!). Which means my pants are really snug. My generous sister Annie gave me a bunch of her maternity clothes to wear but unfortunately most of the jeans are either too short or I'm not big enough for them to stay up yet. I did try to go out and buy some maternity jeans but it proved to be a hugely frustrating experience. Mainly I couldn't find stores that carried maternity clothes, and those that did either didn't have jeans or were out of my size. I did end up buying one of those baby bands that you can wear over your unbuttoned regular jeans to hold them up. It worked well enough and I've worn it a couple times, but it feels sort of weird to me. Like I'm this crazy pervert lady walking around with my pants undone. I know nobody can see, but it still FEELS like my pants are undone. I did end up going online and purchased some maternity pants from Walmart that had good reviews. I'm really hoping they work out. If you've got any insider tips on some comfy, cheap, cute maternity jeans, please share!

I had another routine doctor appointment this week. Pretty much the same as last time: checking chemicals, my vitals (weight, blood pressure, heart rate), baby's heart rate, etc. Looks like the baby's heart rate hit its peak last time at 172 and is now back down to 154.
We've already starting planning out the nursery and getting things rearranged in the house. Our office is going to move downstairs to an extra bedroom so the baby can be right next to our room. We bought a dresser from IKEA and I'm hoping to get it put together as soon as we move the computer and other furniture out. I'm thinking about doing a gender neutral room... grays & browns with some other color mixed in, though not sure which. Maybe turquoise, yellow, or coral. You'd think I'd be more obsessed with finding a crib, but not so much. Cribs are easy. My focus right now is on finding a glider chair. I really want to get an upholstered glider/rocker and it's proving hard to find one that's reasonably priced AND the type of print I want. Surprise surprise, more rockers are either a solid color or have too cutesy patterns. I'm really loving the accent chairs that are popular these days and was hoping to apply that same concept to a glider. We'll see though... I may have to compromise a little.


Budsly said...

Just a tip. Make sure the glider is wide. I had one with Belen and I never could use it to nurse during the night because she was too long and was squooshed. Her head was hitting the hair rests. The recliner we got when I was pregnant with Marshall is much better.

Budsly said...

I meant arm rest :)

Cathy and Tim Hanson said...

My favorite maternity jeans were old navy. There is a crib in grandpa hanson's (our) house that is hardly used if you have any interest it's yours