Friday, March 30, 2012

A Series of Scars: Incident #2

I'm not really sure how old I was when I got this next scar, probably 10 or so. It was a Friday night and my parents had dropped me off at my friend Tiffany's house for a sleepover. Tiffany's dad was playing in some basketball game over at one of the high schools so we went to watch.

Being young girls, we had a short attention span when it came to watching basketball games, so we found other things to entertain ourselves. The bleachers we were sitting on were open underneath, so Tiffany and I went down there to mess around for a while. Of course there were other kids down there too... BOYS. So I thought it'd be fun to play "keep-away", as in, run away from the boys. So the boys were at one end of the bleachers and Tiffany and I started running away from them towards the other end. I was ahead of Tiffany and just as we slowed down, almost to the other side, I bumped my head on a corner of the bleachers.

As I was standing there rubbing the sore spot on my head I noticed it felt warm. I walked out into the light and held my hand out. To my horror my hand was covered in blood.

"Tiffany! My head is bleeding!"

"Oh crap! Let's go tell my mom!"

Luckily her mom is sitting towards the end of the bleachers talking with another lady.


"Just a second..." she says a few moments before turning around to see why we're pestering her.

As she turns around and looks at my blood covered head, her eyes get big. She jumps up, grabs my hand and we race across the sidelines of the basketball court towards the bathroom, blood dripping on the floor in our wake.

For the next half hour or so I sat on the white tile of the bathroom floor while several women mopped up my head and found towels to stop the bleeding. It was sort of a trippy experience and all sort of a blur. I was very calm the entire time and didn't cry or freak out or anything. Eventually my mom showed up and we drove to the emergency room to get some stitches.

It must have been a slow night at the emergency room because I don't think we really had to wait. We went in and I sat on a bed surrounded by open curtains while the nurse gave me a numbing shot on the top of the head. I remember the shot stung a little as the liquid was injected. A few minutes later the doctor came in, threw in a couple stitches and sent us on our way.

Understandably I didn't sleep over at Tiffany's house that night. In fact, I don't know that I ever slept over at her house again. Of course what parent in their right mind would let an accident-prone kid like me stay over after a fiasco like that? Not Tiffany's parents, that's for sure.


Budsly said...

I remember that night. When Mom got off the phone she told Dad that you split your head open, I think I started crying. I envisioned your head literally split in half! I was relieved when you came home and your head was fully intact.

Collette Smith said...

Why do people even SAY "split her/his head open" when a person cuts the skin on his/her head??? I remember hearing that same expression over and over as a kid.