Thursday, March 8, 2012

Week 19: Heirloom Tomato

Ok so first off, since when is an heirloom tomato 6" in diameter? Pretty sure they're just old-school regular tomatoes. Anyway, I'll get to the important stuff. So these last couple weeks have been pretty fun for the most part. Even though my belly is getting huger by the day, it seems like the back aches, especially while sleeping, have really let up. I've also started to feel this little baby moving around. It's really subtle and feels sort of like a pulsing or a really gentle finger poke. So far it's not strong enough that I can feel it with my hand or let Seth feel, but there's definitely some movement going on in there!

It's also funny to see people's reactions to my pregnancy. Acquaintances at work who I haven't told about the pregnancy directly, are really starting to be more confident in asking direct pregnancy questions like "oh, when are you due?" or "how's the baby coming along?" It's much more apparent that I'm pregnant and not just getting fat! It is humorous to watch people's eyes when they first see me because they'll look at my stomach first and then at my face. They try to be discrete about it but fail miserably... like my belly is a magnet and they can't help but look.

This week was a bit more rough because I got knocked out by a cold for a few days. Sure is a lot tougher being sick and not being able to take any good strong medicine. But the good and bad news is, the night before I ended up taking off sick from work I noticed our freezer died so the repairman came out to fix it the next day while I was home! And luckily our fridge still had another month left under warranty. Score! Ha ha...

And I know you've all been dying to see my pregnant belly so here it is in all its glory!


Rachel said...


thebluemuse said...

HOW CUTE ARE YOU?! (Felt like I needed to continue the all-caps theme.) Also, have you read "Bringing up Bebe"? It's a NYT best seller about an American mom who raises kids in France where apparently babies sleep through the night and children are behaved in public. I'm halfway through... intriguing for a not-yet parent.

heidi said...


Rachel expressed my feelings perfectly--that's exactly what I felt seeing this picture for the first time. I've waited to comment, in hopes of finding inspiration for saying that in my own way, but it's just unpossible to say it better than Rachel did.

Your pregnancy-reaction stories were really funny. And I'm glad you're not sick anymore!