Friday, March 23, 2012

Things to Do Before You Die

My new favorite t.v. show is 'An Idiot Abroad' on the Science channel. If you've been over to our house recently, there's a good chance you were forced to watch it. The basic premise is they (Ricky Gervais & Stephen Merchant) make the 'idiot,' Karl Pilkington, choose activities to do based on a list of the top 100 things people say they want to do before they die. These aren't things Karl wants to do before he dies. He's more of a homebody type. So to see him put into all these crazy situations is pretty dang funny.

This got me thinking of what would be on my list. My "Bucket List." I've actually done a lot of things that'd be on your typical list, so I think I'd have to get a little creative and/or specific. I don't have any desire to do things involving large amounts of adrenaline. At least the type that comes with risking life and limb. No bungee jumping or sky diving for me, thanks. I think most of my to-do's would involve outdoor activities, traveling, and food. So... let's see what we have...

  1. Fly fish for Browns in New Zealand
  2. Eat an authentic French & Italian meal (ideally in each of those countries...)
  3. Visit New England in the fall
  4. See the Northern Lights & an iceberg
  5. Have an article or book published
  6. Go backpacking in the backcountry for at least a week
It's actually really tough for me to think of things I'd want to do before I die because usually if I want to do something I just do it! Most of the things I haven't done are simply because it takes a little extra cash to accomplish them.

So what do you think? What do you want to do before you die?


mcmasters said...

First... I'm going to make a blog page for my huge bucket list!

Collette Smith said...

I love that if you want to do something you just do it!!! Go, Karen.