Friday, August 10, 2012

Great Salty Goodness

Seeing as how we live just minutes from Antelope Island, it's a little sad I hadn't been out there for a few years. However, we made up for it over this last week by going there twice!

The first time around Seth and I drove out there with Sylvie to get out of the house. We went in the evening and saw a ton of wildlife including buffalo, a bunch of mule deer (tons of bucks!), a couple coyotes, jack rabbits, and of course, antelope. Seth has had an ongoing goal of swimming in the Great Salt Lake, and he got close on this trip by wading out in the water a little. I was wearing regular shoes and socks and decided I was too lazy to take them off.

On our second trip to the island we were lucky to have Seth's sister, Rachel, and her family with us! We all made it out into the water this time and Seth finally fully immersed himself in the salty water. He's now a baptized member of Antelope Island!

We didn't see too many animals on the second trip out because it was during the hottest part of the day, but I think everybody had a good time swimming and floating in the closest thing Utah has to an ocean. I call it a success!

I call this "Salt"